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We test and build skis in the Tetons that stand up to conditions all over the world. By controlling all aspects of production and design, we’re able to adapt to the changing needs of modern skiers and deliver carefully crafted products that are worthy of being your everyday on-snow companions. If you haven’t had a chance to test our skis yet, keep an eye out for our big blue school bus; we’re on a mission to visit as many ski communities as we can, and give every skier we meet the chance to put our skis through the ringer.

Sego UP AK

D: 146-116-130
L: 167cm, 176cm, 182cm
R: 20 m at 176cm

Lynsey’s go-to stead for big terrain is as sturdy as a Clydesdale with the stop on a dime control of a dressage horse. The magic of this Unicorn is that it can transform from stallion to cantering mare by gently pushing the swallowtails and rolling onto the flat sole of the ski. Ride that wild pony with these magical Unicorns and conquer your rowdiest dreams with confidence.

-Flat Underfoot
-Powder Carve sidecut
-Durasurf 4001 Bases
-UHMW Sidewalls

D: 131-102-122
L: 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 176cm
R: 19m at 165cm

The Gnarwhal Ti 102 has width underfoot and smooth tip rocker that is ready to take on any terrain. Slightly upturned tails allow you to break out of turns and ditch speed, important when dodging trees or navigating chutes comes into play. Carving is the focus of our Gnarhwal line, so the further you push the 102 into a turn, the more power you’ll feel.

-Full-Length Titanal Reinforced Core
-Powerful Carving Sidecut
-2.2mm Extra Beefy Edges
-Durasurf 4001 Bases
-UHMW Sidewalls

Sego Condor TI

D: 132-108-122
L: 175cm, 181cm, 187cm
R: 28m at 187cm

The Condor-Ti is a hard-charging ski with a long camber zone and targeted lightweight in the tip and tail thanks to balsa-flax inserts. The long turning radius and stout camber make this ski worthy of the big lines, tight chutes, and variable conditions skied by the South Lines crew. At 108 underfoot, it’s equipped to handle the demands of strong skiers in any conditions.

-Titanal Reinforced Core
-Poplar Core with Balsa Flax Inserts
-2.2mm Extra Beefy Edges
-Durasurf 4001 Bases
-UHMW Sidewalls

Sego Wizard .05

D: 130-110-120
L: 100cm
R: 8m at 100cm

The world’s first big-mountain ski blades are 110mm underfoot, 100cm long, and stiff enough to ski anything, fast. Last season Sego athlete Mario Balzano used a highly guarded prototype to win the Pain McShlonkey. This season, after rigorous testing, they’re available to the public to spread the joy of Big Mountain blading. Built for serious bladers only.

-Stiff AF
-Swallow Tail
-Built with Metal
-100% Cliff Stomping Guarantee
-Wizard Graphic