Rocky Mountain Underground is a mountain culture company. We are employee-owned and focused on environmental stewardship because it provides us our livelihood as well as our passions. We strive to have a positive impact in everything we do, and uncompromised quality throughout our business and lives.

D: 137-139-118-132-126 @ 187cm
L: 187cm
R: 25m at 187cm

As unique, versatile, hard-charging and playful as its namesake, the RMU YLE PRO model ski takes its design inspiration from a fish surfboard. Featuring a stable yet floaty, surf-inspired construction, with hints of biomimicry from the noses and torsos of tiger sharks, RMU has created an asymmetrically shaped ski, while retaining symmetric radius underfoot.

-Powder Rocker
-Lightweight Poplar Wood Core
-Blended Progressive Golden Radius
-Asymmetric Surf Shaped 5 point
-Makes you ski like Wiley Miller