Majesty Skis 2019

The Art Of Freeskiing is our motto and Skis4Trees is our environmental sustainability pledge

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At Majesty Skis, we believe that skiing is a lifestyle. We are an independent freeski brand driven by skiers who push ski design innovation rooted in our passion for building top performing and great looking products. Our skis are for everyone who’s been searching for a fresh brand with a cool story. We provide a unique, handcrafted, high-performance skiing experience and visually inspiring designs. The Art Of Freeskiing is our motto and Skis4Trees is our environmental sustainability pledge. With our passion for quality, design, and the environment, we feel that our European origination story and style make skiing more exciting.

Majesty Supernova SL

D: 136-103-120 @ 177cm
L: 169cm, 177cm, 185cm
R: 19.6m @ 177cm

Superlight, nimble stubby that skis everything. Designed for freetouring, these lightweight carbon skis feature a flat tail, tip rocker, semi-cap construction, paulownia wood core, carbon fiber construction, and carbon-aramid fibers. The result: shorter, ultra-lightweight freetouring skis that support dynamic responsiveness and unmatched skiing stability even in the sketchiest weather and terrain conditions.

– front early taper rocker
– full carbon layup
– semicap construction
– paulownia wood core
– flat tail w/skin mounts

Majesty Supernova Limited

D: 136-103-120 @ 177cm
L: 169cm, 177cm, 185cm
R: 19.6m @ 177cm

A stable stubby that skis everything. This is the all-mountain/freeride cousin of Supernova SL. It hits all the marks as a stand-out performer from shrilling hardpack to floating through powder. The reduced tail length delivers quicker turning and overall more versatile real adventure skis. You can now experience the future of high performance all-terrain freeride with one pair of skis that replace a garage full of overly specialized confusion.

– front early taper rocker
– triax semicap construction
– poplar-ash wood core
– flat tail w/skin mounts

Majesty Hypernaut

D: 152-120-137 @ 186cm
L: 178cm, 186cm
R: 23.6m @ 186cm

These next-generation carbon skis will take your powder freeride skiing to entirely new places, even when you have to get there through hard-packed and sketchy terrain. Inspired by the science of hydrodynamics, speed boats, and surfing, Hypernaut combines the traditional wood core with the latest carbon fiber tech and defined structural elements, including the convex 3D brim on the tips and 3D concave V-channel swallowtails.

– front early taper rocker
– carbon/kevlar construction
– poplar-ash wood core
– profiled 3D brim tip
– 3D concave V-channel swallowtail

Majesty Lumberjack

D: 155-120-145 @ 185cm
L: 175cm, 185cm, 194cm
R: 20m @ 185cm

True powder floating machines made to satisfy the constant urge to search for backcountry kickers, log slides, and snow pillows. Handcrafted wooden skis with a natural wood veneer finish, long-life wood core flex, and timeless design. Front and tail rocker with flat camber support easy spins in powder and effortless maneuvering between trees. Skiing powder switch, smooth landings, easy handling, and surfy feeling are all part of the Lumberjack package.

– directional twin tip
– 300mm rocker tip/tail
– poplar-ash wood core
– natural wood finish

Majesty Vandal

130-92-130 @ 175cm
160cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 181cm
19m @ 175cm

With its light and flexible wood core, versatility, and enhanced carve abilities, Vandal 3.0 delivers a superb all-mountain shredding experience. It’s a wide hybrid, true twin tip with a deep sidecut. Camber construction supports great edge-hold and control while cushioning the impact of flat landings. Tip/tail rocker improves the float and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride even in fresh snow. Buttering and pillow shredding have never been easier.

– true twin tip
– rocker/camber/rocker hybrid
– poplar-ash wood core
– protective gum zones
– scratch resistant top sheet

Majesty Velvet

D: 120-100-115 @ 170cm
L: 162cm, 170cm, 178cm
R: 18m @ 170cm
240mm rocker @ 170cm

Lightweight, all-terrain backcountry skis designed specifically for female riders. The rocker/camber/rocker hybrid construction delivers effortless rides in any terrain, great float in powder, increased responsiveness, smooth landings, and secure edge grip. The Velvets are perfect for floating in deep snow and skiing fast lines on the wildest of slopes, but perform just as well at resorts, especially when skiing fresh snow and trees.

– directional twin tip
– triax + biax fiberglass
– poplar-ash wood core
– classic 200mm rocker @ 162cm
– elliptical

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