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K2 Skis has been seeking fun through innovation since 1962. Our all-mountain philosophy and technological advancements continue to lead the ski industry.

K2 Pinnacle 105 HG

D: 137-105-121
L: 191cm, 184cm, 177cm, 170cm
R: 19m @ 184cm

The Award-winning Pinnacle 105Ti is playful yet aggressive. K2’s Nano Konic technology is throughout the body of the ski and ensures predictable responsiveness at medium and high speeds. Built for your deepest days or corduroy cruising.

All Terrain Rocker
K2 Konic Technology
Fir-Nanolite Core
Metal Laminate

best all mountain skis, best women's skis, K2 Gottaluvit 105 Ti

D: 137-105-121
L: 177cm, 170cm, 163cm, 156cm
R: 16m @ 170cm

The GottaLUVIt 105Ti comes packed with Bioflex Konic construction, embracing the proven benefits of the Konic and Nanolite technology with the female-favorite combination of an aspen and paulownia wood core. You'll float through powder as easily as it slices through variable snow, upping your freeride game so you feel like a hero.

All-Terrain Rocker
Bioflex Konic
Metal Laminate

K2 Pinnacle 118

D: 145-118-135
L: 191cm, 184cm, 177cm
R: 23m @ 184cm

Our award-winning freeride ski rips into the new season without even pulling in for a pit stop. The Pinnacle 118 has the perfect combination of floatation, stability, and surfiness. It gives you this magical feeling that you just can't do anything wrong on it, and begs you to push a little harder" –Adam Ruscitto, Global Product Line Manager.

Powder Rocker
K2 Konic Technology
Carbon Boost Braid
Hybritech Sidewall
Tapered Tip/Tail