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Our goal at Flylow is simple: When you're out there in the mountains, slicing through powder or skinning up snow-covered peaks, the last thing you should be thinking about is your gear. Our collection of durable, long-lasting gear will keep you dry, warm, and protected all day long, we promise you that. It'll help you cool down when you need it, insulate when temps drop, and repel sleet and rain when everyone else calls it quits. You can focus on what matters most, like finding powder a week after a storm, sneaking in a dawn patrol mission before work, or riding a lift with a friend who loves snow as much as you do.


The Quantum Pro Jacket shows no weakness. The utility knife of jackets, it is tough with three-layer exterior fabric and is burly and waterproof, but also breathable. Which means it'll keep you protected and dry no matter the weather.

• Intuitive 3 Layer Fabric
• The Classic Flylow Coat
• Crushes Powder Laps
• Big Pit Zippers
• YKK Waterproof Zippers


A good ski jacket has many jobs: It needs to keep you warm and dry, first and foremost. If it stretches, breathes, and dries quickly, that's a bonus. And if it actually looks good and fits right? Well, that'd be a downright miracle. The completely redesigned, jersey-backed Vixen Coat is the miracle jacket you've been looking for.

• Intuitive 20k/20k Fabric
• Comfortable in Powder Before the Hot Tub
• Hot Sauce Proof and Completely Waterproof
• Pockets for Goodies
• YKK Waterproof Zippers


Not too much to say here except that if you like to party and ski, then this t-shirt is for you. If you do not, you may still like this t-shirt. It is all about the art and color. The shirt is a classic fit design with super soft and nice fabric.

• Let's Just Have Fun, Why Don't We
• Poly and Cotton Feels Like Your Favorite T
• Fits Like Your Favorite T
• Not Particularly Technical
• Makes You Look Good


An ode to Elmer Fudd, the Walleye makes us smile every time we put it on. For cold mornings walking the dog or a good companion on a snowy skin track, this is the hat to conquer the elements in style or just to have fun while doing whatever you choose to be doing.

• Ear Flap Hat
• Fleece Lined
• Technical, Maybe
• Makes All People Smile
• Lumberjack Pride