These are 33 of the most passionate skiers (and humans) in the ski-verse, and they all know how to pronounce Titanal.

Throughout the 2019 Buyer’s Guide you’ll see them referenced, either via byline or experience in a ski review. Despite some of the shenanigans that take place at Powder Week (such as skiing in costume on A.S.S.F.A.R.T. Day—All Ski Something Fast Awesome Rad Together Day—curling competitions, indoor snowball fights, and midnight dance-offs), we take it very seriously.

The 33 skiers on the Powder Union tested 120 pairs of skis to find the 56 best skis of 2019.

It’s important to you—the readers we serve—that Union members do the required work of skiing hard, bell-to-bell for four consecutive days at Red Mountain, BC, while taking detailed notes on the ins and outs of all 200-plus skis that go out on the hill. Learn more about our ski testing process here.

There are no sponsored skiers on the Powder Union. No skiers with brand allegiances. We place significant accountability on the Powder Union to go out onto the mountain with an open mind, to find what works for them, to meet new people, to learn new things. Just like you, each season they assess their gear needs and shop around to make sure they get the best skis for how they like to ski.

Altogether, the Powder Union is a diverse group of ripping skiers who promote camaraderie and celebrate skiing. We love them dearly. They represent everything good about skiing. And for that, we are truly grateful.

PORTRAITS: David Reddick

Tyler Bradford
South Lake Tahoe, California
Shop Manager and The Powder House

Abigail Barronian
Santa Fe, New Mexico
POWDER Correspondent

Julie Brown
Reno, Nevada
POWDER Senior Correspondent

Sam Cox
Bozeman, Montana
USFS Smokejumper

Christie Cunneyworth

Christie Cunneyworth
Rossland, BC
Ski Patroller/Nurse

John Clary Davies
Santa Fe, New Mexico
POWDER Senior Correspondent

Mike Davies
Whitefish, Montana
Ski School Manager

Matt Cotè
Revelstoke, BC
POWDER Correspondent

Lindsay Craig
Revelstoke, BC
Owner, Revelstoke Pool and Spa

Sierra Davis
Oceanside, California
POWDER Managing Editor

Ian Fohrman
Denver, Colorado
POWDER Correspondent

Eric Gerrmann
Boston, Massachusetts
Co-Founder, The Ski Monster

Dylan Hall
Manchester, NH
Owner, Ken Jones Ski Mart

Matt Hansen
Jackson, Wyoming
POWDER Executive Editor

Heather Hansman
Seattle, WA
POWDER Correspondent

Spencer Harkins
Salt Lake City, Utah
That Pit Viper Guy

Jeremy Harvey
Rossland, BC
Trail Excavator

Jess Leahey
Revelstoke, BC

Clare Menzel
Whitefish, MT
POWDER Correspondent

George Michaelsen
Boston, MA
Co-Founder, The Ski Monster

Michelle Nicholson
Driggs, Idaho
Elementary School Teacher

Nick Pontarolo
Spokane, Washington

Wally Phillips
Salt Lake City, Utah
Gear Head at

Ryan Ricard
Spokane, Washington
Rain Gutter Guru

Michelle Rudell
Nelson, BC
Pizza Chef

Josh Solman
Rossland, BC

Dave Stergar
Helena, Montana
Middle School Teacher

Sara Verbeek
Revelstoke, BC
Snow Removal Specialist

Kate Verhagen
Rossland, BC
Exploration Geologist

Dane Weister
Salt Lake City, Utah
Ski Tuner/Painter

Sam Woodward
Nelson, BC

Special thanks to the following ski models:

JF Bruegger
Aspen, Colorado

Chris Hillyer
Santa Barbara, California
Marketing Director

Lucas Matelich
Durango, Colorado
Ski Coach