Age: 25
Home Resort: Vernon, NJ
HT-WT: 5’3″ – 110lbs
Occupation: Writer, social media and online content manager

Grew up on the death ice of New Jersey and, with degree in hand and powder on the brain, moved to Colorado to be a ski bum and writer. Blew ACL first season. This past year, decided to heed the words of women's gear guru, Jeannie Thoren, who says, "weight is the enemy." No, not the annual winter inner tube due to too much peanut butter and IPAs, but rather the heavy ski set-up—the bane of the female knee due to physiologically weaker hamstrings. This season, took up lighter skis, boots and bindings—and competed and wrote about the Subaru U.S. Freeskiing Tour. Voila, enlightenment from up on high.