Angel Collinson, 24, is one of the best skiers in the world, universally adored for her goofball personality and her incredibly fast, technically perfect turns on really big mountain faces. But success is a never-ending false summit, and in the struggle to get there, Collinson fears she is losing herself.

PHOTO: Adam Clark/TGR
A story about Collinson is inevitably a story about her family, an intimate group with an extraordinary background and talent.

"When we're together, it's just, like, seamless, says Deb Collinson, Angel's mother. "We talk about everything. There's no boundaries about what we're going to talk about. Who can you be like that with? No one. Nobody on the planet."

PHOTO: Collinson Family Archive
She says what helps her is appreciating the simple things: the feeling of going really fast; frozen nostrils; the sound of rustling trees in an otherwise silent forest.

PHOTO: Adam Clark/TGR
“When is it work and when is it play? Because it could always be work if you don't change your mentality."
—Angel Collinson

PHOTO: Keith Carlsen
Read the full feature, "Angel's Song," written by John Clary Davies, in the November issue (44.3)


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