VIDEO: Weekend Shredding on Mount Washington

Tuckermans is just the beginning

In the latest and greatest from Meathead Films/Ski The East, Ben Leoni heads to some of the lesser known places of the White Mountains.

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  • Colin

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing some of your climbing secrets!

  • SoaringEagle_5000

    Hey guys! Wow – super fun video that’s sponsored by FlySlow!! Yippee!! I knew there was really fantastic, uber fabulous shredding in the high alpine regions of the eastern US! Yes! This makes me feel great, and gives me nothing but hope that the easterners who’ve infested the intercontinental Rocky Mountain West will soon be heading back to their homeland. The mass migration will be beneficial to the hordes of the eastern realm. Western ways will be passed onto the inhabitants of the east; teaching those of the east to protect their families and surrounding territories, encouraging them to stay in the east forever, thereby making the world so much better as a whole. In turn, this will give the west back to the native peoples, again enriching those with hope and life whilst watching true westerners dominate the snowy slopes by shredding hard as banshees. I cannot wait for the migration to commence. I will help lay the foundation for the migration. If you need migration assistance, say the word and I shall help.

    • Geoff_McD

      We need migration assistance please…

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