Video: Telewackers in the Tetons

Paul Kimbrough and Jake Sakson present Beans and Rice

Beans plus rice, with a dash of Kombu seaweed for some minerals, are delicious staples in pro telemark skiers Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough’s diet. They’re also the name of Sakson and Kimbrough’s first webisode series, named so because the meal is all about “simplicity over consumerism and adventure over comfort,” says Sakson, 23, originally from Carbondale, Colorado. It also helps that beans and rice are cheap and fit in a tight film budget.

Episode one of Beans and Rice was shot on the Driggs, Idaho-side of the Tetons in “top secret backcountry locations,” says Sakson. Kimbrough, who is 26 and from Salt Lake City, Utah, and Sakson both film with Powderwhore and they have been wanting to put a webisode together for a few years. “We saw a lot of benefit to skiing together for a whole winter just in terms of our development as telemark skiers,” says Sakson. “We probably put more days on our pins than pretty much anyone out there. [Last winter] we finally committed to it, moved in together, and bought a camera.” —Julie Brown

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