VIDEO: Spring’s Rite of Passage on Tuckermans

Meathead Films wraps up this season with a tribute to the famous East Coast backcountry zone

If you’ve never experienced the circus that is a sunny spring day on Tuckerman’s Ravine, this edit from Meathead Films gives you a pretty good idea. Massholes and fat suits, dogs and skiers of all ages descend on the popular backcountry zone off Mount Washington. Some stomped their lines, others left with stitches, but all in all, it’s easy to see why hiking en masse to ski off the top of Tuckermans is something every East Coast backcountry skier must do.

That’s a wrap on Meatheads’ webisode series, Working for the Weekend, this season. To watch a few more episodes, Ben Leoni hiked into the Green Mountains in Vermont, scored in the White Mountain Chutes, and skied lines beyond Tuckermans off Mount Washington.

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  • Terrain McGriddle

    It’s Tuckerman. TUCKERMAN. TUCK. ER. MAN.

    There is no “S”. That is all.

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