Video: Sierra Quitiquit Is a Ray of Sunshine

In classic Sierra fashion, the lovely lady heads to New Zealand for a dreamy summer vacation.

THE SMILES! THE GIGGLES! PINK! SUNSHINE! It’s all too much. Seriously, how is there so much sunshine? I’m knee-deep in a So Cal summer, and I’ve never seen that much sunshine. But what do I know? The sun always shines down on Sierra. Nothing is more right than this all-around sparkly good time in which Sierra kills it in the beautiful kiwi mountains then attempts to hug some sheep, who seem cute but turn out to be kinda rude. Either that, or intimidated by Sierra’s inexhaustible good vibes. Sheep, why won’t you hug her? I’ll hug her.

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  • Ekai J

    I dont understand how people can hike with gogs still on. you always see it in videos. With a helmet on top, no less…

  • Damian Fernandez Ginzery

    Does she use some sort of stabilizer por her GoPro? The video goes smooth as velvet.

  • Matt Standal

    cute girl name + ski video = clicks. Lame. Find better talent, Powder.

  • Name

    Matt is a Debbie Downer. Where’s your video ass hat? The video was fun. Come On Winter!!!

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