VIDEO: Wyoming Shrednecks From KGB Productions

KGB goes primal in the Wyoming wilderness

You gotta hand it to the KGB boys. While everyone else in the ski media world gang-tackles the Wasatch, Tetons, Silverton, Mount Baker, and Whistler, this Jackson-based film crew sets out to discover new zones that have long been overlooked by other skiers. In the past several years, they have explored areas of Wyoming that are more likely to see slednecks, hunters and wolves than skiers. Their goal and message is simple: There are snow-covered mountains all over the world, and half the fun is exploring them to see what is possible, even if it’s right in your own backyard.

In their latest segment, “Mountain Monkeys,” they head to the remote Box Y Ranch deep in the Wyoming Range, where they use snowmobiles to access numerous virgin lines. They also have brotherly sing-alongs and howl like monkeys, which is all right and fine deep in the Wyoming wilderness. Because, really, who’s going to hear you?

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  • Delitest

    Stopped watching after they lit the tree on fire for no apparent reason. Disrespectful bastards.

    • Rob LaPier

      see the above…

  • Steve Elliott

    helmet cam in the 2:50s…thats not backcountry thats in Corbet’s. Anyone whos lucky enough to have been able to drop can recognize that in a heartbeat

  • Kevin Murnane

    Talking about disrespect Delitest, I looked at all 14 of your other comments and it looked like only one of them had a positive connotation. They were burning a tree to start a fire to warm themselves in the wilderness. I can think of many things that our creator would see as much more disrespectful. They are living life to the fullest extent and I am happy for them!

  • Rob LaPier

    thanks Kevin, you are right. we had been up top for nearly 2 hours and we started a small fire to warm up. The video does not accurately portray the emotion at the time but it seemed like a good way to transition into a light hearted approach to our outdoor adventures. Sorry to offend you “D-elitist”

    • Delitest

      How did lighting a standing tree seem like a good idea for heat?

      • Rob LaPier

        You had to be there… Sorry bud.

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