VIDEO: Park bashing with Khai Krepela

Here’s one park segment you shouldn’t miss this week

If you like to keep up on Internet park skiing, you should probably add Khai Krepela to the favorites tab.

After making a cameo in the memorable Detroit segment from last year’s Poor Boyz flick, Chasing Skylines, Krepela has gone beast mode this season, stacking footage like IHOP stacks pancakes.

The Park City-native is freakishly comfortable sliding metal on skis, spinning, tapping, and otherwise toying with any technical feature that stands in his way. Legitimately, the dude spins out of every rail. That blind swap on a feature I can only describe as a “Y to Z” rail at 1:51 made me spit out my Red Bull and I wasn’t even drinking any.

While he’s filmed with 4bi9 and is rumored to have a full segment with Level 1 for this fall, Krepela and his crew Good Enough gifted us five minutes of edited footage in the early stages of spring. Good looks guys.

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  • john cocktosin

    Lung cancer is so cool

  • Divedoctor

    Good skier but total dumbass. Yeah, you look so cool taking drags off that cigarette. Dumbshit.

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