Compass: Italia

The second stop of Nimbus Independent's web series capturing ski trips to three countries

Nimbus Independent is proud to release Italia, the second of a three-part series. The Compass series captures the full spectrum experience from ski trips to three beautiful countries: Russia, Italy, and Japan. The contrasting culture, mountain shape, terrain, snow quality, food, language, music, pace of life, and architecture all play into what it feels like to ski and travel abroad. For Nimbus, the series is a further departure from a mass appeal approach to ski movie making. Homepage photo: Nimbus Independent

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  • Snuffy

    That was horrible! 30 sec of skiing and 4 1/2 min of scenery bullsh*t. Come on Nimbus you guys have been slipping with all your scenery crap and marginal skiing

  • PowderKeg

    @Snuffy…I agree, plus don’t forget the 1:06 of creepy, twilight zone rip-off intro crap you have to watch just to get to the scenery crap and marginal skiing. Nimubs, please go and watch some more Warren Miller and then start fresh. You can definitely do better.

  • Chrigl Luthy

    That was glorious.

    PowderKeg, please go continue watching Warren Miller.

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