VIDEO: The Most Fun Skiing on a 4-Inch Base

Tanner Hall has a great beard and goes skiing with Sander Hadley at Squaw

This video got passed around the internet today.

On the one hand: Tanner Hall’s beard is pretty impressive; despite the snow—they’re jibbing bare patches here—they’re also straightlining hardpack Mainline Pocket and generally making the most out of very little.

On the other hand: So much fist-bumping; Tanner Hall’s tongue; that poor girl on the chairlift; that poor ‘Slow’ sign; irie; an awkward scene in the parking lot; and who doesn’t love Deltron 3030, but Hall and Oates seems more fitting in this context.

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  • Alex Hunt

    And I’m sure you noticed the video is exactly 4 min. 20 sec.

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