Dubsatch Collective Drops Dub Roots

Talking with Leo Ahrens about dreamy Utah pow days and Dubsatch's latest edit

Leo Ahrens, Sam Cohen, and Nate Cahoon founded Dubsatch Collective when they were just wee groms with GoPros on their helmets. Five years later, they’re still quietly celebrating their Utah roots, with better equipment, bigger tricks, and more ambitious film projects.

Their most recent edit, Dub Roots, showcases the crew’s burgeoning talent, featuring some of the best young skiers to come out of Little Cottonwood Canyon—John Collinson, Colter Hinchliffe, and Hayden Price, to name a few. Filmed entirely at Alta, it’s dreamy and old school, which, according to Leo, was exactly the goal when they were filming.

“It’s what we picture in our heads when we’re going to go ski some pow. You wake up early, and think back to the days of old dudes squigglin’ their way down, making figure 8’s. We wanted to show our stomping grounds and show what Alta is to us, which is skiing pow,” says Ahrens.

Dubsatch is young. While all of the founders are in their early 20s, their content already has a distinct style. They cite Sherpas Cinema, Sweetgrass, and Salomon Freeski TV as inspirations, and hope to put together a full-length film in the future. For now, though, they’ve decided to stick to shorter edits, working to build a large follower base before embarking on a more involved project.

The crew has a couple more short films in the works, showcasing footage from past trips to Canada, Japan, and Alaska, but aren’t sure exactly what 2014 holds. Though they’ve started to follow their own paths in the ski industry, from shooting with major film companies to competing on the FWT, their roots keep them tied to their original stomping grounds.

“You can always count on some content coming from Little Cottonwood,” says Ahrens.

If that new content’s going to be anything like Dub Roots, we’re looking forward to it.

–Abbie Barronian

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  • Brian Clark

    “Greatest Snow On Earth.” Not just a catch phrase.

  • Shredthegnarpow

    Oh, you lucky kids and your fat skis. Great edit.

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