VIDEO: What Drives Clayton Vila?

A short doc on Clayton Vila's devotion to street skiing and perfection

Clayton Vila is finally taking hold of the reins. Vila has filmed with production companies like Stept, TGR, and Poor Boyz but always felt like he had to cede a little too much creative control to larger forces. This fall, the 23-year old will drop his first solo film project, Five, fo’ free on the interwebs. This 11-minute documentary shines light on Vila’s past, how he views himself as a skier, and why he decided to self-direct and self-produce his own film. If Vila goes as hard on this film as he has on his face—and there’s little doubt the self-proclaimed perfectionist will—my fingers are poised and ready above my mouse to stream the shit out of this.

Here’s an interview about Vila’s idea of a good day—pounding the pavement sunup to sundown until he nails the trick, perfectly.

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