VIDEO: This Webisode Is Absurd

Uzbekistan? Uzbekistan!

Pow, vodka, go-go dancers, MI-8 helicopters, go-go dancers… Who the hell are these guys? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I want to hang out with them.

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  • payd1rt

    That was great. :-D

  • adam

    yup going!

  • einsteinstoe

    I’ll go on the next trip! =)

  • Dan Austin

    Huh, where do I find the soundtrack

  • ethan kanning

    Powder goes PG-13

  • Gabriele Dietz

    nice pics but Russian soundtrack!Uzbekistan left the Russian empire guys- for a reason ;-) …and has own good music…

  • Colin Knight

    soundtrack was BEAST
    I want

    • Uzbek Blondie

      1. Kalinka / The Red Army Choir

      2. 18/Супер Гуд (Bonus Track) / ХЛЕБ

      3. Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul) / Major Lazer

  • IcyBlueii

    Great music tracks and great little body on her!

  • salmonguy-ns

    We need more of these!! Awesome skiing and nice scenery. ;)

  • brucemac


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