Tiny House Tour: Episode Four

Pillow lines

There is the discovery, when your eyes catch the first glimpse of a pillow line. Your mind assesses the fun factor. Why wouldn’t you ski these pillows? You start hiking. At the top, the world looks a bit different. Disorientation follows as you realize you have no idea where those inviting puffs actually live. They seem to have crept away leaving you standing with only a visual of the flat snow at the bottom. But you decide to drop in because you’ve got a feeling that this is something you can do, something that you’ll love. You trust the pillows and your ability to make just enough contact with your skis that it counts, but not enough to stop the momentum.

The moment when you point your skis downwards an image of the line appears in your mind. One pseudo-turn. Then, maybe a jolt or two? A face shot mid-line? A flat landing at the bottom? And then it’s over. You can’t recall every detail of the line. Maybe you can’t remember any at all. Just as it should be, because skiing isn’t about over-analyzing.

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  • Doug Phillips

    Last line is a line of the year candidate.

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