VIDEO: The Valley of Valleys

Feast, famine, and the biggest winter of the century in the Spanish Pyrenees

“The wild boar in the middle of the snow-covered road was missing its stomach. The dead, hollow eyes gazed at the sky, at the toothy couloirs and rocky faces riddling the mountains. We skied past it toward the trailhead. A half-mile later, we passed the remains of another, this one with just a tail connected to a bloodstained spine.”

Read the rest of this story about Val d’Aran in the Spanish Pyrenees, written by John Clary Davies, in the November issue. Find the magazine on newsstands or buy the digital version.

Video by Adam Clark.

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  • Leah Hoffman

    I loved this video!! Felt like I was there and made me want to be there. Good shots and excellent sound track.

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