Stay Found in the Backcountry

A safety message presented by Dynafit Field Notes

In this episode of Dynafit Field Notes pro skier Donny Roth and Dynafit communications manager Eric “Hende” Henderson explore the art of building a shelter in a creative, cheeky video designed to help a novice backcountry skier be better prepared for what could happen if you get hurt, get lost, lose some vital gear, or get stuck in huge storm.

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  • anon

    adorable dog.

  • Arc2Arc

    Great concept for an awareness video. Keep it up. The more experienced may scoff at the content but many who use the back country are in need of exposure to this type of information. I look forward to watching your product mature.

  • AtomicNomad

    If you have cell service, your not IN THE BACKCOUNTRY!!!!!

    • Shredtastic

      I mean… the pace at which, and the places ,they’re building cell towers I’d argue the two are hardly mutually exclusive. You don’t need to get dropped in the middle of AK to have a backcountry experience.

  • AtomicNomad

    If you have cell service, your not in THE BACKCOUNTRY!!

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