Big Wave Skiing

Why surf when you can ski?

And on the second day, God made wave skiing. Wait, what? Is this a real thing? Kind of. While we’ve seen it before, it seems to be taken to another level here with the whole speed suit, goggles, and helmet as the costume de rigeur, not to mention a melodramatic soundtrack fitting for an episode of “24″. Willy Bogner shows us how it’s—apparently—done, but we have to ask, are you really accomplishing anything there by pushing with those poles, bud?

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  • Tabke

    Finally somebody with some legit style gets in the big wave skiing game. Townsend, Patterson, and Douglas really gaped it up when they did this a few years back…

    • ptor

      That is Chuck Patterson…

  • Pete

    Why just a bunch of 4 second clips, all in slow-mo? Would be great to see a whole ride, and how fast he’s actually going.

  • Christian W Dietzel

    It’s pretty incredible when Cody Townsend did a joey-wedge on the beach in the Salomon free ski TV segments and then released into the wind, jettisoning out to the curl with the kite harness set up. However low-access the ‘sport’ behind the surf ski is, the independent leg action afforded by the equipment is a bit more than a novelty, it introduces forces that even kite boarders can’t match.

    Also a testament to who ever made these things. Must be some kind of talent to be wild enough engineer something so rad.

  • Mike Dougherty

    wow this is retarded

  • Jason Levinthal

    why why why why why did he need to be wearing a speed suit and hold sticks in his hands? One more chance for skiing to break free of it’s dorky image . . . FAILED!

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