Ski Town Throwdown: Sweet 16 Analysis Video

POWDER editors preview the next round of match-ups

The votes are in and 64 ski resorts have been whittled down to 16. There’s been no shortage of madness with upsets like 16-seed Mount Baldy in Los Angeles advancing and Eaglecrest in Juneau, AK showing up for huge voter turnout. Match-ups last two days now and you can vote once every 24 hours. Here’s the schedule for round three of the Ski Town Throwdown, presented by Liftopia. For a complete bracket and schedule, go here.

The Sweet 16

November 12-13
• Big Sky, MT (3) vs Crested Butte, CO (15)
• Sun Valley, ID (15) vs Jackson, WY (5)
• Revelstoke, B.C. (1) vs Lake Louise/Banff, AB (13)

November 14-15
• Mount Baldy, CA (16) vs Stevens Pass, WA (12)
• Schweitzer, ID (6) vs Kirkwood, CA (2)
• Mad River Glen, VT (6) vs Stowe, VT (7)

November 18-19
• Mount Bohemia, MI (1) vs Sugarbush, VT (5)
• Red Mountain, B.C. (3) vs Eaglecrest, AK (10)

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  • Matt1986

    I’m sorry but Mt. Bohemia, as nice as it is for the area it’s in, doesn’t belong anywhere near a top sweet 16 list of the entire continent. In the east alone virtually every Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine resort blows it out of the water in terms of snow consistency and terrain. AS awesome as some of the runs at Bohemia are they are generally only a few hundred vertical feet and that has to matter. Also Bohemia didn’t even open until late January (or was it even Febuary?) last year, that has to be a major knock on the resort

    • Guest

      It also didn’t close until June so…

    • Peter Mende

      They were also open until June last year… and their runs are almost 1000ft

    • gladeblader

      If we were voting for boilerplate, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine would get the nod. However, we are talking powder – BOHEMIA!

  • Powder

    Fair enough, Matt. But POWDER didn’t vote Bohemia to the Sweet 16. You did, or the voter. It’s up to you to decide how far Bohemia, or any other ski area, advances.

  • ssh

    Flash? Bah, yuck!

  • Matt

    Go Stowe!! (Even though you’re all crazy if Jackson Hole doesn’t win)

  • ld02

    So stoked on Crested Butte this year.

  • Jamieson Potter

    Mount Bohemia? This survey has lost all credibility.

  • zenswell

    Bohemia is the bomb….anyone who takes this survey seriously after seeing Whistler getting taken out needs to get a sense of humor.

  • icecostkills

    Whiteface beat out Jay what the fuck?

    • Joe R

      better called IceFace!

  • Josh

    kinda strange that North Conway was not featured. Best B/C of the east 20 mins away, 9 ski areas within an hours drive.


    i’m just gonna point out that Red Mountain is full of fairies and tourists, Brits and pusssies, oops i mean A-ussies.
    Eaglecrest is local rippers only.

  • Lisa Miles

    WHO is Eagelcrest!?! um… you guys need to come up here and then you’ll have some idea what you’ve been missing your entire life! Our little town of Juneau has a small population, and yes we are all friends here at our local mountain with tons of snow and no lines and some of the most amazing mountains and most beautiful scenery in the world, partnership with Alaska Powder Descents heli skiing – yah the heli skiing you all drool over in every snow porn flick, and endless backcountry access… we’re in that sweet 16 because there’s a lot of love here.

  • Thomas Moore


    • Cedar Bear

      Sir, I don’t think you noticed so I will tell you now… Your caps lock is on.

  • Zack Vance

    You guys don’t get it. You vote for the resort that you hit less often, so your favorite doesn’t become more populated with kooks.

  • Coop Cooper

    Buenos Dias JS & JD,
    A few good Red’s went down here in the (209) last night as #Kirkwoodrally rocked the vote to bring Kirkwood in with a 1526 / 1447 victory over Schweitzer Mtn….
    Was awesome to see the posts, comment, passion, frustration and plain ole smack talkin going down!
    What’s the party line on @KirkwoodMtn vs. @StevensPass in the Elite 8?
    We were down by 200 @5pm with hope dwindling for the win. In the last few hours @KirkwoodMtn went International, Aussies, Kiwi’s, French, Canadians & the Russians came in an set the tone for a win in the Farwest! Stoked for the support, @Victoria-Ski, @Tahoeskier! You rock.
    #staynthirsty #Kirkwoodrally #wintercountdown

  • Michael Robert Baskins

    Mt. Bohemia really is better skiing than Vermont. If you haven’t been, try it!

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