Sean Jordan’s Part from Stept’s “Mutiny”

Former POWDER Young Guns number 1 releases full part online

A few years ago, Sean Jordan was just under 18. As such, he barely made the cut-off to be selected into POWDER’s 2012 Young Guns feature, then called The Draft, an annual ranking of the top skiers 18 and under that appears in the February issue of the magazine.

Jordan, who has a natural ability to navigate the concrete and metal of street skiing, was unanimously selected as number one in 2012 after putting up bit parts in Stept Productions and Poor Boyz Productions’ 2011 fall flicks.

In Stept’s “Mutiny” Jordan produced a full segment, which was released online last week. In it, he proves that the skills that brought him the top spot in Young Guns have only gotten better and his style remains all his own.

“I found out the day before it hit YouTube that Rockstar had intentions of releasing it,” says Jordan. “Ideally I want everyone to support Stept, but I also want as many people to see this part as possible.”

Jordan mentioned that last week was a big one for him—he bought his first car, a black 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon, at 20 years of age. “It took me a little while to save up the money to get it,” says Jordan. “but I got it and I’m stoked.”

Sean Jordan, growing up before our very eyes.

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