Rory Bushfield and The Family Circus

Nitro Circus welcomes Rory Bushfield

Two summers ago, my roommate and I drove through the Nevada desert to Las Vegas for the first Nitro Circus Live show in the States. At the invitation of Nitro member and professional skier Erik Roner, we toured the backstage area , met the cast and crew, and watched the mayhem ensue. From afar the Nitro Circus looks like a mainstream media “adrenaline junkie” cast of misfits, but in reality, they’re a friendly, welcoming crew whose actions should be the model for every professional athlete, extreme or no. Behind the scenes, there is virtually no ego, a lot of positivity, and encouragement.

Joining the crew this last summer was skier Rory Bushfield. At the behest of Travis Pastrana, Bushy ran away to the Circus on their highly-acclaimed Australian Tour. The Nitro family released this video highlighting a few of Bushy’s antics from this past summer. Way to represent, Rory, and nice double back, bud.

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