Powder Awards “Best Line”

Here's a look at the nominees. Who should win on Friday?

Homepage Photo: Jason West in the Wolverine Cirque, Utah. PHOTO: Garrett Grove

Powder Awards Sneak Peek: Here are the nominees for “Best Line” at the 14th Annual Powder Awards. Out of these nominees, who do you think will win Best Line segment from all movies released this year? Only five days are left until the winners are revealed on Friday, December 6 at The Depot in Salt Lake City and on PowderAwards.com. Go to PowderAwards.com to see all categories and nominees.

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  • Jonas B

    The Åsmund Thorsen line is just sick, more like extreme fwt.. The others are also genious, but somewhat smoother, really exciting:)

  • skiierman

    I wonder how much time Sherpa dedicated to these “best lines of the year” nominees in their movies… Any takers for over 15 seconds? Or how about showing more than 1/4th of the line? No takers still? I don’t blame you.

  • COshred

    um the second line in the intro should win.

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