Nimbus Releases Coordinates

Shot entirely with GoPros in Japan, British Columbia, and Oregon

This morning, Nimbus Independent—Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, and Pep Fujas—dropped an 8-minute edit, Coordinates, summarizing the skiers’ last season. Filmed entirely on GoPro from Japan, British Columbia, and Oregon, Coordinates is basically the Nimbus crew stopping by to say hello halfway through their two-year project, After The Sky Falls, a full-length movie paired with a coffee table-style book to be released next year. We’ll pass the mic to Chris Benchetler to fill you in on the rest of the deets behind Coordinates:

It is a 100 percent GoPro edit… We definitely filmed each other. There’s a significant amount of POV. We tried to use our GoPros throughout the season as much as possible to capture character and behind-the-scenes.

It’s a little more raw or organic to what it’s like out there with us. It’s traditional to Nimbus, especially the ones [movies] in the past where there’s a lot of character. It has that same vibe. We were just able to capture it with GoPros.

The main focus of the season was to post up at locations for longer than normal. We went to Japan for about a month, we went to B.C. for a little over a month, and…we finished up the year in Oregon at Mount Hood. We were trying to post up a little longer to get creative with angles and projects for our two-year project.

In Japan, we got a house and stayed on the North Island. But we did, essentially, chase the weather. We rented vans from Black Diamond tours and had those guys help us track the weather and give us advice on where we thought it would be good.

If I could have it my way, I’d go to Japan every January for the rest of my life.

We rented a house in Pemberton, [British Columbia,] and brought our families. Eric brought up his wife and daughter, and I traveled with my wife, too. It just made it like a home away from home, which was really nice. We didn’t feel homesick at all, just hung out up there and let the storms come and go.

After the Sky Falls is going to be a very artistic approach to skiing and be a much more timeless piece to sit on a shelf and watch from time to time. We want to accompany it with a coffee table book. Eric is a very visual and driven person and has an artistic mind. We’ve brainstormed about this since we started Nimbus. We’ve just had to give the industry so much content that we couldn’t save anything for something unique. That’s why GoPro was so awesome, because we could still give the industry something while saving our shots.

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