MSP’s “Counting up to 20″ Episode 12

Mark Abma's rookie card, 2004's Yearbook

Following the trend of those who came before him, Mark Abma sets out to let the world know that he’s not just a freestyle phenom. The rookie gets his first shot at big lines in Bella Coola and puts together the performance of a lifetime, demonstrating with authority to the POWDER Video Awards judging panel that this segment is worthy of his first “best male performance” title. Check it out, and come back every Thursday as we count up to 20.

Episode 1 Soul Sessions and Epic Impressions
Episode 2 The Hedonist
Episode 3 The Tribe
Episode 4 Fetish
Episode 5 Pura Vida
Episode 6 Sick Sense
Episode 7 Global Storming
Episode 8 Ski Movie
Episode 9 Ski Movie II
Episode 10 Ski Movie III
Episode 11 Focused

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