“Counting up to 20″ Episode Seven

Wendy Fisher proves she's a perennial badass in 1999's Global Storming

This week’s episode of MSP’s “Counting up to 20″ is Global Storming from 1999. MSP hall-of-famer Wendy Fisher demonstrates her big mountain prowess and raises the bar for females across the globe. Yes, that’s her backflipping at 0:51… and her full-speed assault on the line at 2:30 still holds its own by today’s standards. Check it out, and come back every Thursday as we count up to 20.

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  • Badgers Are Awesome

    Man, I would love a copy of Global Storming on DVD, that was ace. I do find myself wondering, what were Wendy’s skis? It looks pretty deep so I wondered AK Rocket, but did they not only exist in 200cm at that time? These ones don’t look that big. Perhaps Super Mountains?

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