Livin’ Tiny, The Full Movie

A winter on the road in a tiny house

Where would you go if your house were portable? Would you spend each night in a new spot? Stay camped in a discovered utopia forever? Or would you leave life as a vagabond to the experts?

Last year, Molly Baker and Zack Giffin got to answer that question while traveling with their 112-square-foot tiny house in search of the ski bum’s dream—the perfect ski area parking lot.

Check out Sam Giffin’s Livin’ Tiny, a documentation of life in the tiny house.

Starring: Molly Baker, Zack Giffin, Neil Provo, Sam Giffin, Andrew Walbon
Directed and Edited by: Sam Giffin
Director of Photography: Andrew Walbon
Principal Cinematography: Sam Giffin, Andrew Walbon, Elliot Trout, Cameron Currier, Neil Provo
Music: Whiskey Blanket, Jonathan Arias, The Lady Crooners, Ghost Town, Justin Marchacos, Bentgrass
Animation: Earthstar Smith

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  • Collabo

    They made a smart move coming to Canada and an even smarter one picking WhiteWater! We passed this tiny house in the parking lot several times last winter and were impressed every time.

    Long live Rusty D.


    You guys did a great job on the movie! Very well done

  • Adam Brown

    VERY COOL!!!

  • Seb D

    For me this story is nothing more than a dream, for them it’s reality.

    Rock on !

  • ChanceCallahan


  • wsharp

    Excellent job. Very well done.

  • dean micic

    been switched onto these cool abodes recently , this video truly inspires me to make my own , awesome job guys :-]

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