Keep Tahoe True: Gunbarrel 25

Glen Plake and 25 laps of 1,600 vertical feet of moguls

“To find Heavenly’s most dedicated skiers, you have to look beyond the dancers and casinos and crowded groomers to what’s known as the Gunbarrel: a 1,600 vertical-foot face full of moguls.” —Matt Hansen

The third of a four-part series produced by POWDER TV that is based off the feature in our December issue, “Keep Tahoe True.”

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  • JPee

    I really enjoy Glen Plake and this event seems pretty neat. But it also sounds AWFUL. Moguls for six hours!?!?!?

  • Adam Chafetz

    My son and I entered the first gun barrel 25. We each did a total of 34 runs
    , ( the 35th didn’t count because we were 30 seconds late). I enjoyed the hell out of it, still see the men’s winner, Tom, every time I ski there. My son won the 16 and younger, ( he was 14, Daniel, name is on the plaque, proud papa) we had a great time… Friendly people and awesome bumps, but I couldn’t walk downstairs for 3 days afterward, my quads hurt so bad. I recommend it to anyone who’s got the guts and the legs.

  • Kai

    Moguls for six hours? Sounds AWESOME! Better bring alot of beers!

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