Inbounds with the Sherpas

A look behind the free-for-all shoot at Whistler for "Into The Mind"

To film the Whistler segment of Into The Mind, the Sherpas posted an open call to skiers of all abilities and ages. Come one, come all to document the breadth of skiing at Whistler. Whether you’re working on pizza versus french fries or hucking backflips, everyone on skis is out there having a good time. With the help of Whistler ski patrol and management, the Sherpas filmed locals stomping lines, one after the other, in a free-for-all huckfest, ski posses racing through the trees, and Julian Carr launching himself off the 185-foot Air Jordan. Carr took a line that most ski as a double and threw a single front flip off of it. Whistler being Whistler, Carr’s front flip naturally happened in front of a huge crowd in the lift line.

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  • FreshyMap

    So awesome! Blows me away.

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