Watch “Todd Ligare — In Technicolor”

What Todd Ligare thinks about in his sleep

TGR’s mission for quite a few years has been to expand out, to find new terrain. My crew’s mission for this year’s movie was quite the opposite. We were supposed to go back to where it all started and document our spin on this “old” classic zone.

What we found were all the things that made Valdez famous in the first place: big, consistent ramps and faces. Personally, I love this stuff. It’s what I think about in my sleep.

From a film standpoint, there isn’t always time in a movie for many full-length 3,000-foot lines, no matter how fast you ski them. But we rode them anyway because that’s what we like to do and that’s what Valdez is about. I present to you, “Todd Ligare – In Technicolor.” —Todd Ligare

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    This is skiing.

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