2013 Resort Rankings

How do you compare one ski area to another? We found a janitor/MIT scientist to figure that out for us

Where we choose to ski is subjective based on a number of variables, including location, cost, and terrain. At POWDER, we believe the best days are the deep ones that aren’t tracked out by noon. With this in mind, we found an M.I.T. student named Gary to develop a complicated algorithm that determines a score based on a few factors, including skier visits to a region, average snowfall, cost of a beer, the number of hot tubs versus number of police stations, and smiles per hour. We’re calling this number P3 (or Powder Per Person). “Groomer” Gary’s scores surprised us. He said lots of acreage and low skier visits yielded higher scores. (And that we have a good chance of landing a man on Mars in five years.) The truth is you’re guaranteed to have a great time at all of these places. As the saying goes, a day on skis is better than a day off ‘em. Pick up the November issue of POWDER to see the rankings and learn more about the 32 best places to ski. —Mike Rogge

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