Video: Long Live Glacier (and Grass) Season

Adrian Dingle skis everything from rock to water in his summer edit

Just in case you were wondering, even when the thermometer reads 70 degrees, the stoke is alive and well. Want proof? Check out this edit from Adrian Dingle. As a messenger from the ski gods, Dingle came forth and shows us that the will to shred has not been forgotten. Sure, his skis probably got a healthy dose of core shots from jumping over boulders, and yeah, he ate it while skiing over grass. Regardless, Dingle has the right idea. When summer comes around, put on a short-sleeve T, hike up a glacier, pond-skim your way down, and make a reggae-infused edit to show for it. Winter has passed for now, but skiing always lives on. Now shred on, shredawons.

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  • John Barkbiter

    That’s how it’s done ! Badass !

  • Rolof

    Nice video, but . . . . I have skied in Glacier National Park (GNP) on numerous occasions, and generally, the park rangers have no problem with summer skiers. However, GNP has been set aside as a protected environment; this includes protection of the delicate flora of the park. As much as I enjoyed this short video, I do not think Powder magazine should be condoning some of the “skiing” done in this selection–particularly the skiing over the plant life. I am sure that the effects of one skier are negligible, but the more people who feel the need to make videos of themselves skiing roughshod over GNP’s delicate ecosystem, the more likely we will start to see the results of such wantonness. Please ski GNP responsibly.

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