DEEP Part 1: Future of Snow in America

From the September issue, an exclusive video about climate change in the West from the feature story DEEP

Skiing is in jeopardy. If climatologists are right, we are looking at the end of the sport as we know it in 75 years. Features Editor Porter Fox takes a road trip to the heart of ski town America to find out, what now? Watch this video to accompany the story in our September issue.

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  • patagonianvoice

    why did you erased my comment? MF….

    • alex239

      They have an agenda to uphold, I think it is actually very likely we are entering a cooling period. It may not include more moisture in the Salt Lake Area but last winter was frigid… I left work at 5 am with almost 3 straight weeks of temps -5F to +5 F low temps with daytime temps in the teens and I didn’t think it would ever break. That is on the valley floor by the airport. Lookup Dr. Don Easterbrook. Seems he doesn’t have skin in the game and likes to tell the real climate story of decades of manipulated data. Back in the 70′s it was all the rage to talk about “The New Ice Age”. Ask your parents or anyone who may have been paying attention in the 70′s and have them relate news versus reality of the time compared to now.

  • Publius

    The climate is changing, has always changed, and will always change. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of earth’s four billion-year history should know this
    Sandy was not an outlier or a sign of catastrophe to come. Sandy was just one of literally trillions of “extreme weather events” the earth has seen over its lengthy history. There have been worst storms that have hit in the same general vicinity. The difference is that there are more people, more buildings and more opportunities for destruction because of a larger population concentrated in and around coastal areas. Duh!
    Let’s assume the earth is warming. This is not a bad thing. Global cooling is far more calamitous for human beings and every other species on this earth than is cooling. You can look it up, and I urge you to do so.
    Climate change cannot be “reversed.” Once again, the climate operates regardless of our intervention: it always has, always will and already is. Besides, who gets to set the thermometer? The ski resorts? Even if they could, that’s not a great idea because they’ll be sure to set it to benefit them, screwing all the people being fed in third-world countries by the expanding temperate zones.
    There’s this giant orb in the sky called the sun that acts as a furnace and regulator for the entire solar system. It is so large and ubiquitous that it accounts for 99.86 percent of the entire mass of the solar system. It’s quite possible that this sun, as they call it, might have something to do with the earth’s climate

    • alex239

      well said sir…

    • thwg

      right on man.

      The start of this video is so ridiculous. “The planet has warmed .8°C since the Industrial Revolution. So that’s the big picture.” That’s the big picture? Really? The big picture with our climate includes a time period of about 200 years. Seriously? If you stretched take the length of your arm from your shoulder to your fingertips to represent geologic time and took a nail file to a finger, the swipe of the nail file would represent the entirety of the time humans have existed on this earth. Of course you are going to believe the planet warming is catastrophic if you are only looking at a period of 200 years. They don’t look beyond that because it will destroy their narrative that humans are causing the earth to warm. (Yeah, glaciers were melting and receding long before the industrial revolution)

  • Publius

    And another thing… I’m tired of hipster dufus publications like Powder jumping on the “climate change” bandwagon. There is no serious inquiry into the question; they merely repeat what they’re told while pretending to be “edgy” and “courageous.” Take, for example, the 97% consensus number cited early on in Powder’s propaganda video and article. That number is based on an extremely biased paper by Global Warmonger John Cooke that purposely skewed the numbers to make it appear that other scientists believed there is a man-made global warming “crisis”. Powder should provide professional, unbiased, and indeed skeptical (of both sides of this issue) reporting, not the regurgitation of some biased hack. I’m not sure what happened to journalism in the past decade or so, but my best guess is that “journalists” have become increasingly lazy and thus more prone to propaganda. Journalists are certainly far less curious than they used to be. It’s also obvious that critical thinking is a lost art, particularly at Powder.

  • Leslie

    Take a look at the former ski area near La Paz Bolivia. No snow at any time of the year. A strange ghost town with empty lifts, buildings full of old rental equipment. And it is +12,000 ft altitude. Wake up world.

  • Greg

    Does any other skier or boarder reading these comments notice that our winters are getting milder over the past decade? Does anyone really think that winters are colder now with more snow or that the seasons are the same as always before? Trust your gut and your own memory. Remember skiing at Thanksgiving? It doesn’t happen anymore ever, does it?

    And also remember when you read these comments that gas and oil companies likely pay professional writers to act as climate deniers so that we will continue our current rate of oil consumption. Just look at the money trail to see who benefits from denying the overwhelming opinion of climate scientists. First they said it wasn’t happening at all and now that they must admit that it is happening, they say we never can’t do anything about it so we shouldn’t try.

    Please, think for yourselves, trust your gut (and science) on this issue.

    • thwg

      I skied before Thanksgiving this year in NORTH CAROLINA! So what if winters are more mild than they have been. If you actually “trust” science, than research the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warming Period. There is a reason Greenland has green in its name. The earth has been warmer than it is now. It has been colder than it is now. There is nothing humans can do to change that. The entire earth has been covered completely in ice (and if that sounds good for skiing, its not). Humans are along for the ride.

      It’s absolutely laughable to thing that oil and gas companies are paying people to troll/argue on the comments sections on the internet. People will always consume oil. It wont happen until viable alternatives for transportation are presented and/or if land use patterns dramatically change. It’s also laughable that people claim any global warming “deniers” are being paid by oil companies, when the scientists and supporters of anthropogenic climate change receive most funding from the government.

      Another point, they haven’t denied that the earth is warming, just that humans are causing it. “Now they must admit that its happening.” What? That the earth has experienced a “pause” in warming the last 20 years, or do they need to admit that not a single model that the IPCC used to predict warming has been correct.

      Finally, you say to “trust your gut (and science)” Trust has nothing to do with this. Your gut has nothing to do with this. Those two are directly in opposition to science. It has everything to do with knowledge, reason, logic, and observations. I can’t even believe I took the time to respond to this.

      • Greg

        The narrative of climate-change deniers has gone like this:
        First, they said it wasn’t happening at all. Then wen faced with the scientific evidence, most admited it is happening but they reject that it is influenced by man-made activity. Next they will admit it is man-made, but claim it’s too late to slow or reverse the climate-change momentum. If we don’t reject their evolving narrative and act quickly, it will become self-fulfilling.
        A new narrative, now that carbon is above 400ppm for the first time in human history, will require an immediate, radical decrease in our consumption of fossil fuels to remedy the situation. The quickest way to achieve this is to impose a significant carbon tax and invest those funds in carbon sequestration and alternative fuel development. Each of us in the US and EU must educate and lead by example until every schoolchild knows how to measure and minimize their carbon footprint.
        Climate-deniers and oil companies, don’t like this change in the narrative because it is unprofitable. Thank goodness they are in the political minority.

  • Max Mogren

    As an avid backcountry skier and environmental activist I had to read this book to stay abreast with the ski industry’s stance on climate change and geoengineering. The local, magazine, and online marketing campaigns accompanying the launch of this book were very well funded and overwhelmingly comprehensive. I found the actual book disappointing, misleading, and wish I hadn’t bought or read it for the following reasons:

    1. The digital copy I bought does not include the ~10 pages of glossy photos contained in the hardcopy. $10 is expensive for an e-book, especially when you don’t get the whole book! The e-book also doesn’t have page numbers which makes citing it properly impossible.

    2. The 9 other reviews of this book all give it 5 stars. These 9 reviews were all posted within 48 hours of the book’s release by people who’ve never reviewed anything on Amazon before. No other reviews have posted since. That, my friends, is a poorly executed and intentionally misleading marketing campaign!

    3. DEEP is not “The Story of Skiing”. Aside from block quotes copied and pasted from actual histories of skiing, DEEP focuses more on one man’s experience skiing a few resorts which he shamelessly promotes (Stevens Pass, Jackson Hole, Chamonix). There’s no coverage of nordic skiing, ski mountaineering, ski jumping, or ski touring, as if jet-setting “extreme” powderhounds are the only skiers who matter.

    4. Fox uses “might” and “will” interchangeably throughout the book when making unsupported claims about the future of Earth’s climate. This is unacceptable to true scholars seeking true information. One example plucked from the book: “While the northeastern United States MIGHT see 10 to 15 percent more precipitation by 2100, more intense droughts, heat waves, wildfires, and floods WILL plague much of the rest of the country.” There is no citation to support these –and many other — claims about a world 87 years into the future. Fox must have a crystal ball!

    5. DEEP’s coverage of “The Future of Snow” is mere conjecture based on speculative computer models. Speculation and modelling is not science. Scientists accept that the observations and the results of science must be “objective.” That is they must be repeatable, testable and confirmable by other scientists, even (and especially) skeptical ones. Nobody knows what the climate will be doing 100 years from now, and carbon greenhouse gasses are only a small part of the overall equation. The author assumes these models are accurate and that CO2 is the primary driver of Earth’s climate. In reality many factors contribute to Earth’s ever-changing climate and many of them override the influence of CO2. 97% of scientists acknowledge that humans are changing the climate but most do not limit their awareness to just CO2. Other human-caused factors include particulate pollution, contrail cirrus, small scale weather modification, large scale climate manipulation (geoengineering), groundwater irrigation and evaporation, urbanization, logging, etc.

    6. Despite ascribing blindly to the CO2 narrative, Fox contradicts his own argument about CO2′s role in regulating climate: “The last time carbon dioxide levels were [as high as they are now], horses and giant camels roamed the swamplands of the Arctic. Back then, the world was cooling off from an epic greenhouse warming period. Now, it is heading into one.” Obviously CO2 is not the primary regulator of Earth’s temperature if the last time CO2 levels were this high we were going into a cooling period. Fox is accurate in this instance, however: the geological record shows natural CO2 levels rising after temperature rises. This supports the notion that temperature affects CO2 levels more than CO2 levels affect temperature.

    7. The book is exceptionally misleading in its coverage of geoengineering. Though the book calls for efforts to “mitigate climate change” it only devotes a page to geoengineering and gives the impression that these technologies are still in early experimental stages. Harvard Geoengineer David Keith told a truer version of history over a year ago on Australian National TV: “People have actually known you could [manipulate the climate] for better or for worse for decades, actually since the ’60s, but people were sort of afraid to talk about them in polite company… And I think for better, for worse, what this technology gives us is this enormous kind of leverage and power to alter the climate and to do it with a very small amount of money or material and that power should frighten us, I think, and it presents real deep problems for governance.” In reality, geoengineering technologies can be used as weapons, have been used as weapons, and were banned by the UN in the late 1970s. Anyone who doubts this need only Google Operation Popeye and ENMOD. DEEP overlooks these historical facts.

    8. The book glorifies war, specifically World War II and the historically inaccurate account typically taught in American schools. Fox calls for a new “Manhattan Project” to deal with climate change and compares the effort needed to that which won World War II. Perhaps Fox isn’t aware that 72 million people died because of WWII, that the Allies committed atrocities which rivaled the Nazis, and that the Manhattan Project ended with the dropping of atomic bombs on innocent civilians. The world has lived in fear of nuclear holocaust ever since. Perhaps a new Manhattan Project undertaken in secrecy by warmongers is not the solution to climate change.

    9. The book’s call to action to “mitigate climate change” is conjecture based on speculation from government-funded computer models. What does the book propose? More taxes, more centralized power, more laws, and more regulations. This approach would be OK if the government was actually working properly, but it’s not. DEEP also takes a rosy stance towards geoengineering, saying “ski resorts have already been geoengineering for the last 35 years” in reference to cloudseeding operations. In reality, geoengineering technologies are far more advanced than silver iodide cloud seeding. These technologies can and have been used as weapons. Giving more power to the same governments who have waged pointless wars, sold out to financial interests, and allowed us into this mess is not going to solve it.

    10. Within chapters the author jumps around between personal stories, historical passages, and coverage of the climate debate. Many times I had to turn back a few pages just to figure out who he was quoting. Instead of smoothly transitioning between topics, Fox just skips a few lines and plops in a small snowflake icon. While these little flakes look pretty, it’s hard to follow a book that lacks smooth transitions. It’s hard to enjoy a book which is misleading and so obviously propaganda.

    Porter Fox works for Powder Magazine (a corporate mouthpiece) and is affiliated with Protect Our Winters. POW is a controlled-opposition “environmental” organization calling for Presidential Executive Orders (aka, a dictatorship) to supposedly “mitigate” and supposed crisis supposedly caused by human CO2 emissions. DEEP is propaganda supporting this speculative, globalist, techno-fascist stance. Caveat lector.

    I urge anyone interested in climate change and geoengineering to check out the following books/videos here on Amazon. Peace.
    Weather Warfare: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature
    What In The World Are They Spraying?
    WHY in the World Are They Spraying?
    Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters
    At War with the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes
    Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification: A New Breed of Terrorism

  • Piss off

    Our government recognizes climate change as our greatest challenge ever in our time on Earth. I’ve seen the visual evidence…so go back to your fracking jobs and put more chemicals into our Earth and our fresh water supply… I will continue to educate our youth on the how the gas and oil industry will be our end if we don’t change to renewables, which we know will work… Suck it oil and gas industry!!!!

    • Piss off

      And leave right in western Colorado where it all takes place. So I hope the oil and gas likes that:). Maybe their employees can do so more meth

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