DEEP Part II: The Alps

The future of snow in Europe

DEEP: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow, written by Features Editor Porter Fox, is a book about skiers, written and produced by lifelong skiers, with a message that reaches far beyond the slopes we draw inspiration from. It covers a sport that has inspired millions and the mountains and snowfall that make it possible. It is not a tale of the end. It is a beginning – a reminder of how dynamic and fulfilling the skiing life is. And a wake-up call regarding what needs to be done to save it. DEEP published last week, so you can find it online. Or read an adaptation from the book in our December magazine.

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  • Max Mogren

    DEEP overlooks ongoing geoengineering programs while calling for geoengineering to “mitigate climate change”. In reality geoengineering is people playing god with the weather and climate. Assuming that geoengineering will not be abused or used to take advantage of less technologically advanced people is naive. Weather weaponry was banned by the UN under the ENMOD Treaty all the way back in 1978. Why is the ski industry denying ongoing geoengineering programs while simultaneously calling for them?

    • James Lockland

      Ski areas are not denying anything. They are simply looking for a solution. Ski areas have been cloud-seeding for more than 30 years. Humans have ALREADY geoengineered the planet by changing the atmosphere. They are now trying to undo what has been done, and keep the planet liveable for all – especially poverty-stricken regions. If you read DEEP, you will see it points all of this out – including the threat of geoengineering falling into the wrong hands. And the fact that mitigation is a far better path for all than adaptation.

      • Max Mogren

        In the opening sentence of your reply you misconstrue my argument. Why?

        I didn’t claim that ski areas are denying anything. My comment claims that DEEP is shallow because it doesn’t address ongoing INTENTIONAL geoengineering programs which are already taking place, as is obvious to anyone who studies the sky with a critical eye and notices artificially induced cirrus clouds formed by persistent jet trails.

        You see, I agree with you that humans have already geoengineered the planet but I don’t limit my awareness to CO2 and CH4 emissions like Porter Fox and the rest of the Carbon Zombies do. If ski areas have been capitalizing on the capability to manipulate the weather what makes you think that governments, militaries, and big financial interests aren’t already doing the same?

        I’ve already read DEEP and it doesn’t cover geoengineering in any depth or with solid facts. Notably it overlooks the historical record. For example, DEEP claims that geoengineering “has vaccilated somewhere between science fiction and experimentation since the 1960s” which gives the impression that this stuff is still in the early stages of development. This view is not accurate. In reality, weather and climate manipulation technologies are quite advanced and have been used covertly, as evidenced by Operation Popeye during the Vietnam War.

        Contrast DEEP’s shallow coverage of geoengineering with what Harvard Geoengineer David Keith said on Australian State TV on November 22, 2012:

        “DAVID KEITH: I think the debate’s changed really because the sort of taboo that we wouldn’t talk about it has been broken. So, people have actually known you could do these things for better or for worse for decades, actually since the ’60s, but people were sort of afraid to talk about them in polite company…

        …I think for better, for worse, what this technology gives us is this enormous kind of leverage and power to alter the climate and to do it with a very small amount of money or material and that power should frighten us, I think, and it presents real deep problems for governance.
        So unlike the problem of CO2 emissions, which is changing the climate, but which is a product of human actions all over the planet. Every individual person flying or driving a car or using electricity around the planet contributes to carbon dioxide.

        If you talk about putting sulphates or some other engineered particle in the stratosphere, the issue is that a very small number of people in principle could do it and have this kind of huge leverage to affect the whole climate in this profound way. And that’s what raises the very hard challenge of governance.”

        So — in light of all this — what does POWDER Magazine and the ski industry do? They call for global environmental manipulation in hopes of keeping the lifts running at (mostly crappy) ski resorts to protect their artificially inflated property values and inherently unsustainable tourist town economies. Brilliant!

        You guys are coming close to stealing the crown from TGR and POW and becoming the King Kooks of Climatology within the Ski Industry.

  • Mary Maxfield

    Max is right on . . . as long as a few can control the resource, and in this case the resource is precipitation, the earth as a whole, and all her living creatures, will be in a very bad position. Eventually, like the case with GMO and the totally consolidated food resources in the hands of monsanto and a few hundred large family farms, weather modification will have an adverse affect on ALL ski resort economies. Who will be picked, or rather, who will have the biggest amount of $$ to lobby the powers that be, to “survive” the whims of the geoengineers from one season to the next?

    A more indepth study of these issues needs to be taken seriously by not only the ski industries but also other “industries” affected by too much or too little precipitation. The technology to create and steer massive weather patterns has gone beyond the theory stage, but unless media oulets like Powder Magazine take this issue more seriously, diseminating useable information to the industry as a whole, then the magazine is doing a longterm disservice to everyone involved.

  • Mike

    Lol…hot garbage is more what I’m worried about…the hot garbage this video and Powder are pushing. You mean to tell me glaciers are shrinking since the earth came out of the last little ice age? Gasp! And climate models which have pretty much never gotten anything right say it’s only going to get worse! Double gasp! The sky must be falling!

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