CB Wins 2014 Ski Town Throwdown

After two months of voting, Crested Butte edged out Eaglecrest, AK, by 93 votes

The people have spoken. Following two months of heated online competition – and a nail-biting final – Crested Butte, Colorado, has emerged as the 2014 Ski Town Throwdown Champion. Congratulations to Crested Butte and thank you to all of the resorts and the citizens of the North American ski community. Have an amazing winter. We’ll see you out there. –The Powder Magazine Staff

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  • Juneau Rides Again

    Eaglecrest was at a significant disadvantage to the time zones… Voting ended at Crested Butte at 6PM. Voting ended at 4PM in Juneau. Just saying. Congrats CB!!! Enjoy the season!!!

    • medic965

      you must mean because people do not get online while at work right? and by the time people got home from work and everything else they had plenty of time to vote in CO but not AK!!! not sure I would say significant

    • Dan Marshall

      Juneau Rides Again, what a close one – watched your video and look forward to skiing your hill. Thanks from CB!

    • CB riders stomp eagle crest

      Advantage my ass your town eagle crest is not a town, it has a population of 38,000( I call that a city) or so. Crested butte, Gunnison, and Lake city with are separated by at least thirty to sixty miles and has prob a quarter of the population of Eagle crest. It just shows what a tight nit valley can do. Don’t be sad a real mountain town won instead of a poser town that’s really a city.

      • AP

        Well none the less we know who would of won if there were a few more hours in the competition. The fact is is we pulled ahead every evening and were over 700+ votes ahead late Thursday night. Let’s just say CB lucked out the voting ended at 4 pm. Congrats and at the same time since youre being such a cocky fucker, how about you go fuck yourself haha

        • CB

          Hey, a big fuck yourself too sore loser, c’mon man the fact is our town is way smaller and more united, It is tthe best ski town in America, It has been proven right here, the evidence is clicks above these pointless comments, and bias opinions. Not matter what you say the votes are there despite the major population difference.

          • AP

            Shit bro you were being cocky and we would of been saying the same thing about best ski town in America if we won also. So all good. But yeah it was totally proven that you all are the best with a such a huge lead of 90+ points and we didnt have a few more hours to pull ahead a possible few hundred at least like everyother day. But I guess the fact I pointed out in the last reply must not of made any sense. Either way we are pumped. It was a kick ass battle and we do live in a pretty good size place but the ski community here is within that. Can guarentee our actual ski population is close to your’s.

          • Lauren Madry

            Stop arguing.. Be the bigger person.. ❤️ CB

        • Lauren Madry


  • Cyndi McLendon Smith

    It would be cool to see the number of votes at each level of the competition. Which resorts brought in the most votes? This was such a close final! I’m so happy that Crested Butte won (we are nothing if not passionate here!), but I’m going to book a trip to Eaglecrest now – if it made it all the way to #2 (and lost by a handful), it must be a wonderful place, too! Kudos for putting on a hugely successful social media campaign – brilliant Social Media Marketing!
    ~Cyndi (Web and Social Media Manager)

    • We love our Eaglecrest

      That is a wonderful idea. Yes, definitely come visit our Eaglecrest community. You will see for yourself why it is a great place to live, and how much support exist in our community. Happy holidays, from Juneau, Alaska. Home of Eaglecrest Ski Area, and The Alaska Brewery.

  • Lauren Madry

    What a great video! It makes me almost cry haha.. I love you CB and everyone in this video is a friend of mine!! We won not because of having any kind of advantage but bc we are so in love with CB and called every person in our phone contacts to vote too.. (everyday) until they were sick of hearing from us and because we were way ahead on the very first day because we all got up and set alarms at like 6 to start seeing if we could vote yet on the first day of the finals.. At least I did. Ha. So much love to both places and to Juneau/Eaglecrest, AK- if anyone wants to do a house swap maybe in late Jan or something send me a message bc I would love to check it out. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • CB wins!!!

    It’s ok Eaglecrest. You guys have 33,000 people that live near your ski place. We have 2,500. I’d say you had the upper hand. Maybe people from Juneau were voting for cb

    • AK907

      If they were its cause they were hoarders! Lmao at the video, if that the terrain we lost to maybe we were in the wrong category. Our terrain is like yours on steroids. How in the heck is that an extreme comp hill? Do you win cause u pick the cleanest rock line? Enjoy your groomers and if you ever do visit here make sure you bring your A game cause if you don’t your flailing will make you stick out even on our middle school ski days…, truth.

      • Lauren Madry

        Sore loser

        • A Sad Re-located Buttian

          I think everyone that’s complaining either way and the people being overly defensive and/or negative should honestly relax, and stop being so negative. The bottom line is all of us lucky enough to live in or frequent any of the wonderful ski towns & resorts out their should just be stoked and greatful! There are so many different great ski towns out there for varieties of reasons. All that being said, CB IS DOWNRIGHT BADASS! Featuring the most lift accessd extreme terrain in North America its got a community of full of outstanding skiers that ski hard at every opportunity they get and party just as hard too… an all around fantastic place to spend time!

          • dude

            seriously who gives a shit? does it make the quality of your skiing better? its just marketing BS.

      • Dude

        I just want you to go to both trail maps and please tell me who has more expert terrain. That is all

  • Yolo

    Your deadline was at 4 pm the whole time not like it changed just be happy we both made it to the final round… it’s a pretty exciting thing and brought both our mountains publicity.. id be just as smitten if crested butte had taken 2nd congrats to all that was involved

  • Mark Robbins

    What a bunch of sore winners and losers. Who cares? Ski more, post less.

  • JPee

    I not sure either EC or CB should be proud that they are top two. This contest does not represent the quality of the ski terrain or the town. It’s prom for ski hills, and it’s obvious that biggest queen won. There were numerous resorts that take the crown that didn’t make it very far. A ski town is not all about lattes and condos.

  • Law School Kevin

    All other ski resorts: Bow to the Almighty Crested Butte!

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