Bobby Brown and the Red Bull Megaslope

Sessioning a private slopestyle course at Kirkwood

Ask Bobby Brown to design his own slopestyle course and this is what you get. The Red Bull Megaslope is 2,750 feet long and winds down the entire backside of Kirkwood ski resort in California. Each of the six features were thought up by Brown, and SPT worked for some 1,200 hours pushing snow to build Brown’s vision. Brown’s dream park came to fruition when he and four handpicked skiers—Russ Henshaw, Gus Kenworthy, PK Hunder, and Brown’s younger brother, Peter Brown—sessioned the private slopestyle course on a bluebird spring day.

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  • Spungedave

    Ah, ok, now I get why I and other paying pass holders weren’t allowed on the back side of K’wood late last season…paying customers get screwed so pimps can have the snow to themselves.
    So remind me again why this slopestyle stuff that precious few will ever do is good for the sport??? Does it sell more season passes to families who frequent the mountain? Does it pump-up slope-side condo sales? Or maybe it sells more Red Bull & vodkas? Helmet cam’s? Come-on, there’s gotta be some kinda upside to this nonsense???

    This is so not helping my stoke…I’m getting much more outta checking out the webcam at La Thuile, snow or no :-/

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