Behind The Lens With Christian Pondella

A short video on the POWDER senior photographer and general badass

In 1994, POWDER Director of Photography David Reddick was lapping Mammoth’s Chair 22 on a storm day. On the lift, he met Christian Pondella, a young photographer himself, who also happened to be skiing the chair solo. Reddick gave him a business card. Twenty years later, Pondella is a senior photographer for POWDER and his images are some of the most recognized in skiing. An expert climber, Pondella is known for being able to put himself in places most photographers simply can’t get to. This video is produced by F-Stop, who has Pondella on their pro team, and makes bags for adventure photographers.

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  • davidcockrell

    great mini Vid
    The guy kills it and you didn’t even highlight the fact that he can and does go everywhere the pros go! Except with 50lbs of cameras!!!

    Thanks for living the dream for all of us Christian!

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