Video Edit: A Walk in the Park, Part II

Adam Delorme piledrives park skiing on its head

The piledriver is an illegal move in professional wrestling. The move was made most famous when Jerry “The King” Lawler slammed Hollywood comedian Andy Kaufman into a Memphis mat, fictionally snapping Mr. Kaufman’s neck. In the move, the wrestler grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting position, driving the opponent head-first into the mat, rendering the opponent stupidly dizzy (Source: Wikipedia!). A 1975 song, “Piledriver” by Dennis The Fox, set to a 2013 edit by Adam Delorme has similar effect. One needs only go to 2:56 in the video to see Delorme piledrive his skis sideways into the landing of a big jump in Mammoth’s UnBound Terrain Park to feel the abnormally smooth tail-butter landing to switch. We borrowed the term “switch” from boards sports. If skiing has any appreciation of innovation at all, we will now call the landing at 2:56 a Delorme. Or, due to the mind numbing affect it has, we can borrow from wrestling and call it a piledriver.

Ed’s Note: For A Walk in the Park Part I, click here.

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