Week In Review January 17: Snowboarders Sue Alta

Orage Masters head to Retallack, China hosts pet ski Olympics, Breckenridge Grand Prix cancelled

Orage Masters heads to Retallack

Long live the Orage Masters. Everybody’s favorite party…err…competition is back for another year, but it shifted venues from Idaho’s Sun Valley to British Columbia’s iconic backcountry haven, Retallack Lodge. Another huge change—the competition is letting us decide who will attend. Some athletes (Michelle Parker, Matt Margetts, and Chris Logan to name a few) already have secured spots, but five places will be left up to voters. While Orage is definitely keeping things fresh, it’s a little disappointing to see one of the only crew-oriented comps essentially turn into a voter-powered popularity contest. How it all goes remains to be seen, but at least we can say the Orage Masters is sticking around for its ninth installement.

Alta being sued by snowboarders

Okay Altaholics, I have good news and bad news. Good news first, you say? Well, the Alta Ski Patrol has a new avy puppy, and it’s friggin’ adorable.


Bad news—you’re getting sued by a bunch of snowboarders. While many of us probably thought snowboarders weren’t capable of utilizing the legal process, a wily group of single plankers has actually filed a federal suit against Alta Ski Area and the United States Forest Service to end the area’s snowboarding ban once and for all. Nonprofit Wasatch Equality and four individual boarders are leading the charge, alleging Alta’s snowboarding prohibition violates the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Snowboarders at Alta?! What’s next, skiing in North Korea?

Matt Walker ski good

Sip on this minute of smooth Matt Walker laps to get the day started right.

China hosts pet ski Olympics

While everyone is getting their Sochi skivvies in a bunch, China was busy hosting its inaugural animal ski race last week. Forty competitors took to the slopes in Northwest China’s Hanan province, including dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits, and turtles. Pet skiing’s biggest stage saw a yellow duck in a necktie take top prize and a tortoise beat a hare (seriously). Do you, China.

Breck Grand Prix cancelled, slopestyle gets messy

The Olympic slopestyle picture got a little screwy for U.S. hopefuls last weekend after snow cancelled the finals of the U.S. Grand Prix at Breckenridge, Colorado. Instead of rescheduling the event, officials actually counted the preliminary round scores as a final, awarding Bobby Brown and Keri Herman controversial Grand Prix titles. The event is the third of five qualifiers and a pivotal piece of the uber competitive U.S. slopestyle picture, and was a makeup for the already cancelled Northstar at Tahoe Grand Prix. Competitors will get a shot at quick redemption this weekend in Park City Grand Prix.

In other Olympic news, U.S. Freeskiing figurehead Jen Hudak bowed out of the Olympic race this week, and Nick Goepper punched his ticket to Sochi while finding time to film this ridiculous switch dub 9 screamin’ semen.

For more slopestyle and halfpipe Olympic coverage, including interviews with Tom Wallisch, Maddie Bowman, David Wise, plus a multimedia feature rounding up all of the competition across the globe, click-in to our 2014 Sochi Olympics site.

Meanwhile on Newschoolers…

Friends don’t let friends do front flips.

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  • Chuck Allison

    That alta is being sued is about time……a resort on federal lands should be open to all. Same for deer valley, federal land equals open lands. Sorry if this concept offends, no, wait! After being a snowboarder for 19years, I’m not sorry, it’s about time

    • Dee Brown

      Open to all? sounds great… cant wait to rip up east castle on my sled! and if “open to all” takes off I guess I can finally bomb down all the equestrian trails that are currently discriminating against my DH bike.

      • Steven

        I am going to get my snow mobile out and exercise my right!

        • Seann

          And then what are we going to do, let gays marry and legalize bestiality? No thank you, I prefer sticking to idiotic slippery slope arguments.

  • peace and love, man.

    As a snowboader, I like the idea of Alta. It ensures that all of the bigoted, elitist, and ignorant skiers, who claim that degenerate snowboarders “ruin the slopes”, isolate themselves. They are the ones who ruin it for the rest of us – nobody wants them around anyway.

  • Tom Keyes

    First of all Deer Valley is private land and they can do as they wish. Second, Alta will most likely win the suit . Read the 14th Amendment and if you don’t fully understand the language within the Amendment consult a law specialist ( lawyer ) and listen to what they say, it’s intriguing.
    With that being said,
    Alta is for Skiers

  • Jessica Boux

    Finally! Someone needs to show Alta they are being stupid. They are loosing out on a huge revenue by continuing the old thinking that there needs to be a divide between snow lovers…reminds me of the old cats rule and dogs drool argument. Aren’t we all just doing these sports for the same reasons…the passion in the mountains and the love for the snow? Grow up Alta!

  • rip

    Remember when snow boarding was “cool” and “relevant” way back in the 90′s? All the cool kids were doing it…it was so anti-establishment. And now those cool kids from back then will turn to the establishment to invade part of skiing’s soul. Ironic, no?

  • DB Basher

    Alta is nauseating. Not worth stressing about though… few more years and they won’t have any snow to keep people off of. Mother Nature has the final say, bitches.

  • Old boarder

    As a 20 year snowboarder — I find the new obnoxious crowd to be the twin tip heros in long coats buttering their way down the hill. As for the elitist skiers — thank snowboarding for all the new technology that has made its way into the fat skis.

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