Week in Review: February 17

Scoping Sochi, Sverre's backflip, and other things that happened in the past seven days

Sochi Rising

The Sochi pipe. PHOTO: Jon Anders Lindstad

Vladimir Putin’s pet project, the 2014 Sochi Olympics, is getting on his nerves lately. The Games’ pricetag is running around $51 billion, and Putin is pissed off and demanding people be fired. Meanwhile, while local habitat and villages are being mowed down to make way for venues, skiers skied in a slushy pipe “with potential” at a ski resort that’s not even open for the public yet.

Medical Emergency

The medical director for the X Games is being investigated for medical malpractice and may lose his license in California.

Stevie Be Back

Infamous Telluride dirtbag Rasta Stevie is back in the game, this time with Inspired Media.


Hey, it’s all those other guys who ski at Alta who are nasty!

Hearts and Minds

Is Nick Goepper fighting for the hearts and minds of ski country again?

Where Tim Horton Reigns

God, is there no bad skiing anywhere in British Columbia?

Sverre Liliequist at Skier’s Cup

Guys, didn’t we already talk about affronting the awesome power of avalanches in front of the lens?

New Ski Area in AK: “Radical Meadows”

Some clever ski bum with computer skills made this great fake trail map for the proposed Manitoba Mountain in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. I’ve been looking forward to lifts run by poutine-powered biodiesel generators for years!