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Is she really going out with him?

Alpine/Squaw Connect T Minus…

If Troy Caldwell’s assertion is to be believed, a handshake agreement between him and resort megacorporation KSL means that construction on the infrastructure to connect Squallywood and Alpine Meadows could begin within two years. Boom.

Free Ride for the New Pope

Should the new Pope decide to get his holy gnar on at Highlands Bowl or by ripping the Bells on Aspen Mountain, he will be able to take public transit to and from for free. The city of Aspen has decided to complement the Argentine Pope Francis’ enthusiasm for public transportation by offering him free rides on the region’s RAFTA bus network.

Pain McShlonkey

The annual Pain McShlonkey snowblade invitational event is this weekend at Squaw Valley. Likely the closest you’ll get to the action is watching Daron Rahlves smoke everyone on snowblades top to bottom down KT-22, but hey, you could always just drink a lot.

Legal Urban Skiing

Tom Wallisch and JP Auclair, currently filming with Sherpas Cinema, received the rather infrequent nod from the city of Calgary to go ahead and close several city streets and film a sanctioned urban segment for Sherpas’ new movie, Into the Mind. Those who called the city to complain about a jacked-up golf cart running around filming two skiers jibbing through a back alley were informed that all that ruckus was, in fact, perfectly legal.

The Pirate Is Back

One of the best and greasiest Meathead Films skiers of all times, Quebexican jibber Cedric TF, is back. That moves the number of skiers with kids filming urban up to… one?

Wet Denim Over Utah

WET DENIM II // UTAH! a Ski video by whiteroom_films

Reno does Salt Lake.

According to Unofficial, It’s Official

Yes, Tiger Woods is dating Lindsey Vonn. Or Tiger Woods’ publicist and Lindsey Vonn’s publicist are making them look like they date. Talk about a sports power grab.

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