Week In Review June 9: Female Firsts and Video Trailers

Dont pet park city dogs, The Yoke Collection, and Aspen gets dusted

The Grand Women

Thursday morning's summit view from the Grand Teton. PHOTO: Kit Deslauriers

In this past month, the Grand Teton has seen two firsts by female ski mountaineers. On Thursday, June 6, Kit Deslauriers became the first female to ski mountaineer to ski the Grand Teton solo, skiing the Ford, Chevy, and Stettner couloirs. A few weeks earlier, Kim Havell became the first woman to ski the Otterbody Route, a feat worth recognizing for the line’s sheer exposure and full commitment. (The first female descent of the Grand was by Kristen Ulmer in 1997, down the Ford-Stettner route.)

Yoke Spring Break

Captains of weird The Yoke Collection dropped a new summer line this week along with an edit set to the song that Shane Szocs skied to in 13 back in 1998. By the way, I also found this edit below of the said fro’ed OG:

Park City’s Yellow Project

I'm shy. My owner has OCD. And doesn't really like you. PHOTO: Yellow Dog Project

A Park City-based “activist,” without much real-world issues in town to make a fuss about, has decided to focus their zeal to change the world on putting yellow scarves on dogs that are antisocial and don’t want the petting hands of every tourist in town all over them every time their owner goes for a stroll down Main Street. #whitepeopleproblems

Nipwitz Trailer

Standout Scando film operation Nipwitz dropped the trailer for their two-year film project called Brain Massage that promises to be an above and beyond banger. At least, if they’re able to keep the momentum they’ve built with some of the absolutely wild urban tricks in this trailer.

For Thousands of Miles

Cool trailer for a documentary (http://www.ftomfilm.com/ ) about Larry McKurtis, a Truckee local and Moment Skis factory worker who decided to take a solo cross-country bike ride at the age of 26.

Meet a Black Person in Aspen

It takes a dedicated kiosk to make it happen…

The Damn Dust is Back
Colorado snow’s worst enemy is back in town.