FlyOver Canada

Sherpas Cinema’s new project, Flyover Canada, opened in Vancouver last weekend. The attraction is like a juiced-up version of Star Tours with visitors lofted on moving seats that interact with a 60-foot tall spherical screen to give you the feeling of flying through 18 different Canadian landscapes. Guess they leave “hiking for the shot” to their ski films.

Nordica’s Summer

Nordica drops their first video since making a big coup by convincing Ian Compton to switch teams from Line.

Save Bolton

Heart-warming video about how skiers and conservationists banded together to raise $1.85 million to buy 1,100 acres of cross country and backcountry ski terrain off Bolton Valley ski area in Vermont in order to preserve it for public use.

Las Leñas Gets Underway

Good coverage on Eduardo’s? Deadly cute snow reporters? God, South America is killing me with these videos. While this video doesn’t do much for those who’d be visiting Leñas to pray that the Marte chair opens, you can definitely tell that the place is filled in, which is a good sign for early July.

Valle Nevado Powder Day

Wow, South American ski resorts are really stepping up their marketing programs. A couple years ago it was all you could to get a snow report out of most places, now Valle Nevado’s scripting iPhone conversations and shooting pow slashes in MegaMo. Despite the bewilderingly fast pace of this particular hispanoblante, we were able to surmise that it snowed 60 cm’s on July 4th at Nevado. Andale!

Cerro Catedral Lookin’ Good, Too

All signs point south and look white. PHOTO: Cerro Catedral/Catedral Alta Patagonia

Bariloche’s ski area, Cerro Catedral, is looking good, too. Usually the season starts later at Catedral’s lower elevation, but this shot from July 5th at mid-mountain is showing some pretty solid coverage.