(Alta, WY — March 24, 2010) — Under bluebird skies this past weekend at Grand Targhee Resort, over 80 skiers age 12 to 17 competed for freeskiing glory during the ISFA-sanctioned Targhee Jr Freesking Comp. Held on the cliffs off of Peaked Mountain, the event drew skiers from Utah, Colorado, Montana, Washington, California and Alaska, as well as several competitors from Alta, WY and Jackson Hole.

“Grand Targhee Resort continues to be recognized for one of the best venues, for both competitors and spectators, during this event,” said Andy Williams, Special Events Manager, Grand Targhee Resort.  “This year we had a huge response to the event, filling up in two weeks back in December and putting another 50% of the field on a waiting list.  We are looking at ways to allow more kids to compete next winter and turn it into a three-day competition.”


“While we didn’t have our signature powder, the snow conditions were good off of Peaked,” said Williams.  “The lines that these kids were skiing were aggressive and the caliber of skiers continues to grow year after year.”

“This event had some of the best junior freeskiing I have ever seen,” said Event Judge and Organizer Mike Leake.  “There were fast technical lines, clean skiing and some wild jibs at the bottom of the course.”  Leake had the following to say about the top finishers:

– Casey Rose, the men’s 12-14 champion and Stoke Award Buckle winner, exemplified what this young sport is about-having fun in your lines, safely pushing your own limits, and great technical skiing!

– John Collinson, the men’s 15-17 champion, received the highest lines scores of the event showing that he feels very comfortable in varying conditions and exposure (as if his world class mountaineering resume didn’t already show this).

– Jaelin Kauf, women’s 12-14 champion, skied so well on day one (posting a score that rivaled many of the fellas) that the two runs on day two were basically very technical and smart victory laps!

– Mackenzie Epperson-Valum, women’s 15-17 champion, made quite the come back to get on the top of the podium.


Grand Targhee Junior Freeski Competition

March 20-21, 2010
BOYS 12-14
PlaceBibNameHome MountainStateRun 1Run 2Run 3FINAL
1254Casey, RoseDraperUT29.0834.3329.5092.91
2240Grant, HowardSandyUT27.5030.6730.6788.84
3233Daniel, CostaSan RafaelCA27.9225.6730.8384.42
4242Hobie, KilgoreSLCUT25.5028.3326.8380.66
5251Jack, NicholsEdwardsCO25.3327.8326.8379.99
6234Gradey, CullinsDriggsID29.2533.5013.1775.92
7235Connor, CullinsDriggsID25.2524.000.0049.25
8264Sam, WinshipVictorID24.9224.170.0049.09
9257Michael, SigginsMurrayUT25.6722.500.0048.17
10258Aidan, StegeEdwardsCO24.1723.670.0047.84
11249Austin, NallCA23.0021.830.0044.83
12237Conner, FieldJacksonWY24.4219.670.0044.09
13261Chase, WhitneySan AnselmoCA28.0015.170.0043.17
14248Chance, PrescottCA27.7515.170.0042.92
15244Michah, Robin22.2517.670.0039.92
16246Joey, ManshipMT22.0815.000.0037.08
17243Tilen, LaneCA28.75DNF0.0028.75
18236Wildon, DeslauriersCA26.42DNF0.0026.42
19262Riis, WilbrechtJacksonWY24.50DNF0.0024.50
20250Ian, NelsonJacksonWY23.17DNF0.0023.17
BOYS 15-17
PlaceBibNameHome MountainStateRun 1Run 2Run 3FINAL
1273John, CollinsonSnowbirdUT31.5038.8335.00105.33
2277Zach, HalversonGirdwoodAK31.4237.3336.00104.75
3298Silas, AyersVT30.2536.0034.67100.92
4297Andrew, PollardSandyUT29.4235.5034.1799.09
5270Leo, AhrensCottonwoodUT27.6736.8331.5096.00
6278Drew, HartleyTruckeeCA27.6736.5014.6778.84
7288Christian, NicholsEdwardsCO26.0037.0014.1777.17
8285Charlie, LeveroniWilsonWY25.9236.3313.6775.92
9292Kolton, SmithIdaho FallsID26.0835.3311.1772.58
10272Sam, Cohen27.7535.500.0063.25
11282Corey, JacksonJacksonWY25.0033.170.0058.17
12293S, Roberts28.0028.170.0056.17
13294Ryan, ThaxtonSLCUT26.3320.170.0046.50
14284Max, KroneNew YorkNY24.4215.170.0039.59
15275J.P., DonovanWilsonWY23.5014.170.0037.67
16279Charlie, HawksJacksonWY28.580.000.0028.58
17287Matthew, MalechaGirdwoodAK25.170.000.0025.17
18276River, GraueAltaWY23.830.000.0023.83
GIRLS 12-14
PlaceBibNameHome MountainStateRun 1Run 2Run 3FINAL
1204Jaelin, KaufAltaWY30.1725.6725.6781.51
2209Jessica, SterrettSLCUT27.6719.7525.0072.42
3202Zabie, ElmgrenSquaw ValleyCA26.7526.509.1762.42
4205Erin, KemptBozemanMT22.1722.839.6754.67
5210Sarah, WilliamsSquaw ValleyCA25.2510.830.0036.08
6203Camille, HartleyTruckeeCA21.8312.670.0034.50
7208Isabella, SarmientoBig SkyMT18.6715.170.0033.84
GIRLS 15-17
PlaceBibNameHome MountainStateRun 1Run 2Run 3FINAL
1218Mackenzie, Epperson-ValumSLCUT27.0025.8321.1774.00
2220Tasha, HeilweilSLCUT22.5025.3311.8359.66
3224Danelle, RoweFederal WayWA27.0019.088.8354.91
4222Elli, MeasonUT25.3322.830.0048.16
5225Annalise, JohnsonWilsonWY24.5019.920.0044.42
6215Carrie, AdamsPalo AltoCA22.5020.500.0043.00
7228Shae, DanaDriggsID27.8314.000.0041.83