Sunnies and Shades

Five sunglasses from Smith, POC, Zeal, Spy, and Sunski for high-altitude summers

The days are getting longer, vegetables are finally growing in your garden, you’ve traded your skis for your bike and you’re busy planning your rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Whatever you get after this spring and summer, you’re gonna need a pair of sunnies to keep your eyes happy. Here are five options that will have you covered.

Smith Clark
MSRP: $80

Some skiers like to decompress in Mexico once the resorts close—sand and tequila instead of snow and whiskey. To match this migration, Smith just launched the Clark, a unisex, medium-sized set of do-anything shades. Thoughtful Smith styling and understated colors make you look fresh on the playa, but tech features likes megol nose pads mean the glasses will stay put while you’re playing Frisbee in the sand. You can also feel good about wearing the Clarks because they’re built, in part, from plant based materials.

POC Aaron Blunck Signature Model
MSRP: $150

You will not ski as well as Aaron Blunck with his pro-model sunglasses from POC on your face. You will, however, look good. The large lenses are sort of a modern day update to the old-school Aviator style and the frames are thin, lightweight, and comfy. The frames are also built from grilamid, the same stuff some manufacturers use to make ski boots, so they can take a punch. If you land that trick on your face, your ego might be bruised, but your sunglasses will probably be fine.

Spy Discord
MSRP: $119.95 (As pictured)

The Discord, in addition to being bold and bright in the design department, feature Spy’s Happy Lens technology. Theses lenses let in the right amount of “good” long wave blue light, but block “bad” short wave blue and UV light. Spy says this particular recipe is supposed to make us feel better. There’s plenty of science to back up their claim on the website, but who wants to worry about science? We have no doubt you’ll feel pretty good with things on your face wherever you get after it this summer.

Zeal 6th Street
MSRP: $179

Named for and inspired by the famous section of Austin, Texas, that’s at the heart of the city’s music scene, the 6th Street from Zeal are for the fashion-forward amongst us. Big circular lenses stand out in the crowd and call up iconic rockers such as John Lennon—or his wife Yoko Ono—who were both particular to that shape back in the day. But don’t feel like you can only wear these things amongst a crowd of modern-day musical hipsters. Tech features like polarized lenses and lightweight stainless steel frames make these glasses great for spring backcountry missions or summer backpacking trips with your crew.

Sunski Headlands
MSRP: $48

Sunski glasses get the nod because they’re affordable—less than $50 for the Headlands. Don’t worry, you’re not buying some cheap pair of drugstore or street cart glasses that will break in a week or wreck your eyes. These specs are made with polarized lenses, polycarbonate frames, and durable hinges, and they’ll take a beating no prob. There’s nothing particularly notable about the design, but that’s a good thing. Simple but elegant, they look great on most face types and work for both men and women.