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Where's the best place to ski? You be the judge

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Maybe you have the whole winter. Or maybe you just have a weekend. Where do you want to ski? In our November issue, we used MIT graduate
Groomer Gary’s algorithm to rank the top 32 ski towns in North America.
Now, it’s your turn. We used that ranking to give each ski area a seed, just like March Madness. Then we put them in brackets.
Welcome to Ski Town Throwdown. We’re down to the finals

Congratulations to Rossland/Nelson for winning the Ski Town Throwdown..

ski town throwdown bracket

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  • AD3


    • Kismet

      Don’t need to worry about power outage… Best day ever during huge storm twenty years ago at MRG with diesel single chair… Changed my life. Ski it Before you die.

  • Mike Rogge

    Let’s go East Coast!

    • AK

      Curious to see the FB voting app..

      • Mike Rogge

        You’ll be stoked, AK. It was built by our finest engineers.

        • AK

          Oh wait. There’s no prize, means you can go old school style in comments….or..

  • John Stifter

    I feel an upset brewing with the 1/8 matchup of Revy and Killington. A lot of people back East. Plus, a lot of people in Canada want to protect their stashes.

    • Jesse Trudeau

      Well we know the Bozone stash has already been dished and served..

      • John Stifter

        Trudeau, is that you?

        • Jesse Trudeau

          Of course it is stifter, I have been trying to track you down the last few years buddy! Hope life is well in Cali, I am now married and living in Denver ;)

    • Swamp Moose

      Killington does have a decent bar scene for the apres sessions

  • Griff

    Ketchum over sandpoint for the win

  • nate

    Bozeman vs. Marquette… Yup everybody stay in Michigan and ride that powder.

    • MN Skier

      I live in the Midwest. This wasn’t even a fair fight… Mountains vs. Hills. Come on. Of course Bozeman would take this one.

      • PoppaP

        Nope east coast is where its at for sure. everyone should go out there

  • jakeoff

    I’m pretty sure there are more ski towns in AK than just Girdwood. Juneau and Haines get more snow than the Chugach most winters.

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  • Devin Regney

    Why is Whistler 5??

    • Powder

      They finished 17th in the P3 (Powder Per Person) calculation in the November issue. If you have that issue, we explain how those rankings were calculated.

    • mark

      Whistler is just wet snow thats why…

  • Gerry

    Being a Wasatch transplant from Mad River valley, I dont think it has a chance against a formidable opponent like Teton valley. Even if it makes it to that bracket.

  • Rickjamesbiotch

    Where the fuck is Banff?

    • Buck

      Judged from the way you asked your question, I’m not surprised you don’t know where Banff is located. However, located in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is in Alberta, Canada.

  • Layean


  • Ksilli

    Go Whitefish!

    • G

      pitted against whistler, tough competition

    • Aussie519

      doesn’t the guy who owns white fish have like a 154 million dollar house?

  • Andy

    It says – Voting closed until Monday. But it’s Noon on Monday.

  • Vincent Thomé

    Why are Santa Fe and Taos Ski Valley grouped together? We’ll take it, I guess. But it’s Monday at 2PM Eastern and “Voting is closed until Monday?” It’s Monday, I want to vote now. Are my votes being suppressed?

  • tom

    vote for whatever you like, i’m just stoked that my favourite mountain isn’t listed. not listed = less people there this season. muahahha

  • shakes22

    Why again is Jackson not even in the bracket? Academic fraud? Did our coach rape little boys? Wait, I get it, this is the college bracket, not the pros…

    • shakes22

      Nevermind. I guess we can’t read in Wyoming…

  • montanamade

    learned to ski on Whitefish, loved it then, will always love it! and, i’ve met many Canadians, both west and east of those Canadian Rockies, on the chairlifts. they’ll bad mouth the hills up north of the border for their long lines and expensive tickets – many found an unlikely but very worthy winter wonderland in Whitefish. they’d count Whitefish at the top among almost any. maybe those were just kind words, but to my recollection they couldn’t stop giving their skiing experience an “A”, or was that an “eh”. either way, Whitefish shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Ryan Duffey

    Whitefish, MT

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  • SMP

    Want to fix the link for Mammoth? What the heck! Not cool! You have to pick the link that says “Salt Lake City V. Government Camp”

  • AKPOW49

    Alyeska and Girdwood are number 1 in the WORLD. 975 inches last year!!! It was unreal. Everyone vote for Girdwod!

    • Arcus Uller

      One place that im not worried about the masses moving in on…or there being enough snow. (I suffer too from Tramaholism) but last year was the one not the every. The Masses of SLC will surely prevail. Sun shine + pow is better than all the flakes in the world.

  • BdAli

    santa fe beat out Park City? ???? Who are these clowns that are voting?

    • My Turns Are Better

      well I’m pretty sure it was more the aspect of Taos, and not Santa Fe, that beat out Park City.

    • Taos Warrior

      NM has the best snow! U only use the top 3″ (that’s what she said!) and ours is the soft & fluffiest due to our arid elevation. Go TSV!

      • Ter_eh

        You only use the first 3″ inches when you ski places that don’t get 20″ of freshie pow blastin’ you in the face on every turn!

    • fuma

      apparently hi ones

  • tahoe boarder

    how many vote did telluride get

  • DahktaD


  • anon

    I grew up on Mad River – there’s nothing like it.

  • David

    Aspen, the power of 4!! Snowmass, highlands, aspen, buttermilk!! You can ride all 4 in one day, where else can you do that?

  • MG

    Bracket won’t let me vote. Teton Valley/ JH with 0% doubt and 100% allstar

  • YMR

    keep it gutter sugarbush

  • German


    • ski bra

      um .,12″ base…good to go. at least its open

  • Pepucho Lengualarga

    Bridger Bowl

    • PoppaP

      if u were a local you wouldnt promote it. have some empathy man… everyone and their mother will be here soon.

      • Pepucho Lengualarga

        I wish I were a local, I’m working on it…What a beginning for the 2014 year, your made in the shade, you guys that lucked out being locals… Blessings indeed!

  • BCHunter

    Red and White, or I’ll be Blue.

  • Luis M Ureta Ortiz

    Jackson Hole will crush everyone!!!

  • Ski brains

    Bozeman will beat Jackson on the 18th but fall to the electoral mass of SLC in the finallee….

  • jaliya


  • SJ51

    Fernie beat Mammoth?! For real? Fernie is run by RCR and they just rip people off. They have banned man made jumps too so freestyle is so lame there. Sure the powder is good but every time it snows they close the mountain!!

  • mbelling

    JH= clearly and easily the best in the lower 48. Steeper and deeper without long waits. Plus the back country is so easily accessible. BC is a different story…

  • John Coppock

    Nelson represent!!!! :-)

  • Tsimbi

    SLC powder.

  • Powda Yoda

    Whitewater (Nelson B.C.) and Red Mtn (Rossland B.C.) = Amazing terain, tonns of fluffy pow, un exploited and not over commercialised or crowded! But thats not the best part….the people that live there give a sh*t and always seem to be smiling!

  • Knucklemutt

    Being a native of Seattle and winter resident on Nelson.
    I don’t see how Seattle is a ski town..
    Nearest worthy hill other than alpental is almost 2 hours away.
    Last year 6000 people bought whitewater passes. In a town of 10000 people!

  • RKOFarrell

    Monday is the 3rd of December, look at a calendar Powder Mag

  • Brian Werner

    I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why I can’t vote for Telluride anywhere…finally figured out there is no such thing as Monday, December 2…at least not this year! I presume it starts Monday?

  • Alicia F

    So, voting starts Monday December THIRD??

  • Gabriel Balenzuela

    Go Telluride

  • Anthony

    I can’t vote for sandpoint! this is crap

  • Rick nasty

    Alyeska resort, girdwood, Alaska the best there is

  • Ryan Downey

    how the fuck did truckee beat out Telluride …Truckee is a rat hole

  • voteJH

    Salt Lake will win sadly

  • Marshadarsha


  • Gio

    No whiteface?? Commonnn

  • coop

    Crested Butte.

  • holla

    yaa bozeman!!!! big sky, moonlight, bridger!!!

  • Luke

    Bozeman all the way!!!!!

  • chilibean

    this is a totally BUNK ASS, tried to vote for mad river on both days and it wouldn’t let me, this whole thing is LAME!!! and NOT ACCURATE.

  • Ludwig Von Matterhorn

    Trukee shouldn’t have got out of the first round. Bozeman should win this going away.

  • Thatswhatsupyaddida

    Squaw, all day, erryday! Couldn’t get more terrain, period!

  • DahktaD


  • tj

    None of the links for salt lake work what a joke guess sandpoint is gonna win because of a f*** up

  • Mike

    Whoops! Isn’t today’s voting Jackson vs Fernie, not Seattle?

  • OM

    Everyone having difficulty voting… the instructions as you must log into Facebook to vote. You can vote twice in the 48 hours each contest is open. this is not a powder, terrain or resort contest…may the best “SKI TOWN” win!


    Crested Butte for the win!

  • namyad

    Why does it say seattle instead of fernie for round 3 against Jackson/teton? A little sabotage against fernie maybe?

  • Ryan

    The guys who made this are a bunch of clowns. No way half those Mountains should have won

  • Jodie Montgomery

    CB is a hidden gem… it’s to bad the public can read all about it now!!! Nothing will ever compare to the short lift lines, the powder days, her steep terrain, the small town feel….. how I dream about riding down her paradise bowls!

  • Schwizzfan


  • gino mangone

    Fernie all the way

  • Coliflower

    Canada is an amazing ski town. Let’s see the East Koots (Fernie) go up against the West Koots (Nelson/Rossland) in the finals!

    • Otho Ockenden-Finch

      at least nelson got in!

  • Schweitzer

    Sandpoint! Schweitzer is the best.

  • Cricket Windham

    Bridger Bowl

  • Sammie

    Yeahhhh! Red Mountain Resort/Whitewater! They’re awesome :D

  • doolally

    I assume Lake Louise and Sunshine Village were left off the list because no other resort would stand a chance!

  • tt

    Bridger Bowl.

  • Griz2Huskie

    Missoula Snowbowl. Y’all Don’t Even Know!

  • realist

    what ever happened to Driggs ID. were voting on ski towns right? what do ya need?
    a place to drink, a place to sleep, a place to eat, oh yeah some great snow to slide on. Please exclude all of the other yuppy crap.

  • vailskiinst


  • Kootenay none FB

    I would love to vote for Nelson-Rossland but the pwers to be want you to be on Facebook

  • Kamri


  • snowflake


  • Guest

    well well….lots of good hills BUT? You can’t beat Big Sky! and the big slope’s and little wait? and great fun folks….According to HOGAN !

  • Lovin N.I.

    Go Schweitzer

  • Steele

    Go Grand Targhee/Teton Valley/Jackson Hole

  • heatherm1983

    Bozeman! Bridger bowl is the best!

    • PoppaP

      Shhhhhh. Its still good because there are more locals than tourists up there.

  • Huck Rider

    How do you not have Reno on this list???? Mt. Rose, and both shores of Tahoe and all it’s resorts with in an hours drive!!!! You can be off a flight into Reno’s airport and on a lift in 40 minutes!!! Reno gets no love and should. Great outdoors town.

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